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Breast Cancer Strikes Men

Breast Cancer Strikes MenInfoHealthyLife.Com - Breast cancer is considered to be a condition that often affects women, but in fact, men can also suffer from cancer. Let us recognize the early symptoms of male breast cancer control.

Although I have a breast like a woman, men still have breast tissue in adolescence, growing. But in male, female breast tissue development. Breast tissue that causes breast cancer in the presence of men can also occur in men though rare. Cancer can be developed with less male breast tissue, more precisely behind the nipples.

Male breast cancer is usually experienced by older men aged between 60 and 70 years old. However, it can occur in men at any age of breast cancer. Increased incidence of breast cancer Risk factors in men are:
  •     Breast cancer family, especially his sister close to history.
  •     Radiation exposure to chest history.
  •     Hormones or drug treatment of breast enlargement (male female breast), or even as a result of infection and toxins.
  •     Estrogen intake.
  •     Known as a rare hereditary disease of Klinefelter syndrome.
  •     Addicted to alcohol.
  •     Severe liver disease (cirrhosis).
  •     Obese or overweight.
  •     Mutations or hereditary diseases. Men and BRCA2 genes are at higher risk for breast cancer.
  •     Mumps orchitis disease such as testicular cancer, testicular injury, cryptorchidism.
Some reports refer to the increased risk of breast cancer in people who work in hot environments, such as steel mills. This is because exposure to high temperatures for a while may affect the testes and ultimately affect the hormones. Men often exposed to gasoline (fuel gas) vapor also said that the risk of breast cancer is high. However, further research needs results.

Breast cancer symptoms in males
Breast cancer in men with early symptoms is usually similar to female breast cancer, which is a breast that is usually painless hard pimple symptoms. The mass is usually located in the nipples and areola (dark circles around the nipples). Here are some of the early symptoms of breast cancer that are worth noting:
  •     Put (retract).
  •     Put a loud, bit annoying, and pale (nipple skin infections).
  •     Remove the fluid.
If cancer has spread from the breast to other parts of the body, such as bones, liver, lungs or other symptoms usually only occur. It is commonly referred to as metastatic breast cancer. Breast cancer symptoms who have been suffering from metastases, which include:
  •     Bone pain.
  •     Swollen lymph nodes, usually around or under the armpit.
  •     Breathing or breathing difficulties.
  •     Feeling tired all the time.
  •     Feel uncomfortable.
  •     Skin itching and skin and eyes yellowing.
Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in men
Similarly, in women diagnosed with the technique of diagnosis of male breast cancer for physical examination, mammography, biopsy.
Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biotherapy, and breast cancer hormone therapy is commonly used in women who are also used to treat breast cancer in men. A major difference is that male breast cancer response hormone therapy is significantly better than women. Approximately 90% of breast cancer cells have receptors for male hormones, which means that hormone therapy can work in most males to treat cancer.

Under normal circumstances, there will be surgical resection of attacking cancer. Normally, this procedure will then be treated with long-term hormone blockade therapy. Tamoxifen can help prevent the effects of hormones on breast tissue that have been shown to be suffering from cancer cells.

How and effective strategies to reduce the risk of breast cancer in men
The most effective way to reduce the risk of breast cancer in men is by reducing the intake of alcohol and maintaining healthy body weight and regular exercise through a combination of healthy foods. However, since breast cancer is still not known in the cause of males in order to reduce the number of deaths caused by the disease, the best strategy is early detection and proper treatment.

Or you should see a doctor if you find any lumps in the breast if you have problems related to pacifiers such as ulcers or remove fluids. This problem does not always mean that men with breast cancer appear, but you still need further examination.

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