Oncology - An Overview of Cancer Treatment Studies

InfoHealthyLife.Com - Oncology is a sub-field that studies specific health and treatment of cancer medicine. A doctor who studies called tumor oncologists. Expert The main ability of cancer is surgery and treatment, the use of drugs or systemic treatment of cancer treatment.

The control of cancer comprises.
Oncology - An Overview of Cancer Treatment StudiesThe goal of manipulating the tumor is to relieve the abnormal growth of cancer, affecting the body through the operation. Although the promotion of cancer does not mean healing the disease, it is considered to be an important part of the treatment of cancer and as a basis for the control of cancer. Tumor surgery is often supported by more measures such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and biotherapy. This operation is made from the general surgery to be different, such as the more specific focus on cancer treatment which is created in response to increased growth of cancer. The oncology business also continues to grow, and traditional surgical techniques have been transformed into modern and not so dangerous.

Hormone therapy is a cancer treatment that works with hormone receptor-positive cancer, which means that cancer has estrogen or progesterone with a receptor. In other words, these cancers are required or dependent on hormone growth and growing. This type of treatment is most effective by reducing estrogen levels in the body to cope with breast cancer caused by high levels of estrogen, where works or block the effects of estrogen to prevent breast cancer cell activation.

Chemotherapy is generally used to treat cancer. This treatment is carried out by injecting the drug into the body to gradually destroy the cancer cells and prevent the cancer cells from forming again. Although quite effective, chemotherapy is well known to have a lot of side effects because the user can also affect the body's healthy cells.

In addition to providing a systemic treatment, the tumor specialist's other obligation is to oversee the patient's treatment and care, and regularly check the patient's general health status. It is also responsible for assessing the treatment and treating the prognosis of all patients with complications. In addition, by monitoring patient progress, cancer experts are the first to decide whether a patient has to meet specific needs.

When the patient needs special treatment, cancer specialists will help them with other treatments, such as who can carry out radiotherapy or surgeon's cancer can be biopsied and surgically resected tumor and cancer tissue cancer specialist experts work together to make cancer The surgeon can also collaborate with a hematologist to treat a blood tumor, an ordinary surgeon, a plastic surgeon (when the patient needs to be reconstituted after treatment), or a psychiatrist to help the patient solve the mental disorder and the emotional distress of the cancer.

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