Symptoms and Causes of Breast Cancer

InfoHealthyLife.Com - The first hint of breast cancer is generally noted that breast skin lumps or thickening, but about 9 out of 10 lumps are not caused by cancer.

Symptoms and Causes of Breast Cancer
The first hints that breast cancer is usually found in breast skin lumps or thickened. However, about 9 of 10 did not develop cancer.
There are some indications that you need to consider a direct request for a doctor who treats you. Examples of such symptoms are a pain in the breast or armpit that is unrelated to the menstrual cycle.

Mass or breast skin thickening and fluid discharge from the nipple (usually accompanied by blood) appearance, also need attention. Some other symptoms are manifested as changes in one or both sides of the breast size, nipples change shape, and breast skin atrophy.

You may also cause skin itching and around the nipple rash. At the top of your armpit, there can also be lumps or swollen. Symptoms and signs above should be vigilant, try to ask the doctor to ensure your natural state.

The cause of breast cancer
The cause of breast cancer is unknown. It is hard to guarantee that every patient has the same cause or no. But there are several factors that affect the risk of breast cancer and so on:

Breast cancer has the effect of previous diagnoses
If you have breast cancer or alter the nature of noninvasive cancer cells that are included in channel infiltrating breast cancer cells, you can re-examine to cancer in the same breast or other breasts.

The effect of benign lumps is secondhand
Having a benign mass does not mean you have breast cancer, but some pimples may increase your risk. Small changes in your breast tissue, such as cell growth in the catheter or leaflets, may increase the risk of breast cancer.

Genetic and family health history
If you have a family core (eg mother, brother, sister or daughter) who gets breast cancer or ovarian cancer, you are at increased risk of developing breast cancer. But breast cancer may also occasionally appear in a family more than once.

Often breast cancer cases are not due to genetic factors (hereditary), but mutations are known as BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes can increase the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. This type of cancer can also reduce parents' children.

Age factor

With age, the risk of cancer also increases. Breast cancer cases at the age of 50 who experienced menopause over the age occurred in women. About 80% of breast cancer cases occur in women over 50 years of age.

Radiation exposure risk

The risk of breast cancer may also increase if you are exposed to radiation or some medical procedures that use radiation, such as X-rays and CT scans.
Estrogen exposure risk
The risk of breast cancer will be slightly increased by exposure to estrogen in the body. E.g:
  • If you do not have children or older students. This will increase the risk of breast cancer because exposure to estrogen is not a step in the process of being hampered.
  • If you are experiencing a longer period of time (for example, starting the 12-year-old menstrual cramps or menopause age after 55 years).
Effect of hormone replacement therapy
The combination of hormone replacement therapy has a slightly higher risk of estrogen replacement therapy. But between the two can still improve the risk of cancer breast. in a combination of hormone therapy for 1,000 patients who have been 10 years and is expected to have 19 breast cancer cases compared to women's groups who have not received hormone therapy. This risk also increases with the duration of treatment, but you will be able to return to normal after you stop it.

Overweight or obese effects
Postmenopausal weight overweight will lead to increased estrogen secretion, which will increase the risk of breast cancer.

The use of alcohol
A study of 200 women eating alcohol and 200 women did not drink. The results show that members of the group consumed alcohol can pass three attacks on cancer cells. The risk of breast cancer increases with the amount of alcohol consumed.

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