There are at least 15 Cancer Symptoms to For Look

InfoHealthyLife.Com - Life-threatening can begin with general symptoms. Detecting its early potency can increase the potential for cancer control.

The best way to deal with cancer is to detect the presence of the earliest symptoms that occur or develop in vivo. Although most of these symptoms may be very common, early detection can be very different. Take the time to check any of the existing symptoms.
At present, there are at least 15 weeks of cancer symptoms seen also a doctor

There are at least 15 Cancer Symptoms to For LookChanges in the skin
Skin cancer can be characterized by changes in the size of the size, color, and moles or other skin surfaces. These changes may include:
  •     Hair overgrowth.
  •     Pigmentation, or darker skin color.
  •     Skin and eyes are yellow.
  •     Eritrea or skin reddish.
  •     Itching.
  •     Skin bruising, no obvious reason.
It is noteworthy to leave the skin bumps. Changes in lymph nodes are often characterized by the process of bump infection is common. Unfortunately, these changes may also be indicative of lymphoma or leukemia.

In breast changes
According to this change not only applies to women but also can occur in male breasts. Breast cancer is about one percent old and may also occur in men with the same symptoms that begin to have a lump in their own breasts. In addition, the possible symptoms are:
  •     Put the sag.
  •     Or breast skin redness wrinkled.
  •     The presence of liquid is nipples.
For further examination, you can ask for a medical examination by a doctor and a breast at a nearby hospital.

Flatulence feeling constantly accompanied by bleeding from the vagina or significant weight loss may be a sign of ovarian cancer. Blood tests, pelvic examinations, or ultrasonography are necessary to detect possible.

Swallow pain when swallowing
Swallowing pain is common, especially when you are coughing, but throat cancer or stomach cancer also has similar symptoms, especially with vomiting or weight loss. Hoarse voice into a long-term should also be vigilant.

Lose weight sharply
4.5 kg or more, in a short period of time the weight loss without obvious reason may be one of the most noteworthy signs. Pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, and early symptoms such as no effort to drastically lose weight lung cancer.

Heartburn pain
Heartburn, do not go may be ovarian cancer, laryngeal cancer, and gastric cancer symptoms.

Change in the mouth
Oral cancer often occurs in smokers characterized by bright red patches of mouth and tongue. It can also be white spots. This condition is called white spot, causing repeated stimulation of cancer time. Usually caused by smoking, especially in the smoking pipe.

Long-term fever
Fever can be due to the effect of the immune system on cancer or cancer control. Leukemia or other blood can have fever symptoms do not disappear.

Fat can not visit Rida
Always feel tired, although adequate rest can be the symptoms of cancer, especially with other symptoms, such as blood in the stool. This fatigue can be a sign of cancer growth.

Cough and hemoptysis
Do not go for yourself to four weeks, and with blood, the cough may be the symptoms of lung cancer.

Harass the toilet
The various changes that occur in the surrounding wastewater can be a sign of a more serious disease. Bedwetting or urinary desire cannot be controlled, urine may be difficult to remove the symptoms of prostate cancer. The presence of the blood in the stool may be the symptom of hemorrhoids and even colon cancer. Although hematuria may be kidney cancer, bladder symptoms. Diarrhea and constipation should also see a doctor.

Depression and abdominal pain
Be careful if you have a family history of pancreatic cancer. Depression is characterized by prolonged abdominal pain that may be a symptom of the disease.

The specific body parts of the pain
Feel the pain, can be cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body signs. A continuous headache can be one of the early symptoms of brain cancer. Although the back pain can be symptoms of ovarian cancer, colon cancer or rectal cancer. Joint or muscle pain

Time interval bleeding
The outside of menstrual bleeding can sometimes be an indication of the presence of endometrial cancer or endometrial cancer. See your doctor make sure of this situation.

Testicular changes
Testicular cancer, which holds the potential of this night's event can be initiated by the testes in the male's testes.
Things to remember, experience the above conditions can not be immediately diagnosed with cancer. But if the above symptoms do not disappear, or worse, it means that it is time for you to check that the doctor expects the more serious disease.

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