Understanding the characteristics of stage 1 of breast cancer before too late

InfoHealthyLife.Com - Stage 1 Breast cancer is early breast cancer. This is a case where the breast cancer mass is 2 cm or less. This pimple has not spread to the axillary lymph nodes.

Understanding the characteristics of stage 1 of breast cancer before too lateBreast cancer is a type of cancer that is terrible for a woman after cervical cancer. Cancer cell growth and invasion of breast tissue, such as milk leaflet (milk plant) at the exit, with other support networks, such as adipose tissue. Lifestyle, hormones and environmental factors all suspect the cause of this cancer. However, do not have a similar lifestyle all the people are also at risk of developing breast cancer. Therefore, further research is needed.

Even so, there are some risk factors that make you breast cancer. For example, if your age is over 50 years, if you have access to a close family member of ovarian cancer or breast cancer, even the mother has never had a benign mass of breasts or has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Allegedly, breast cancer has no genetic disease. However, there are also certain genes that are called BRCA1 and BRCA2, which increase the risk of a person suffering from breast cancer. The gene is thought to be passed on to future generations.

Breast cancer features that you need to know
There is a risk or no, of course not hurt to know the characteristics of breast cancer. Stage breast cancer, especially if cancer cells 1. In order to grow, you will not have time to treat. The following is the first stage of breast cancer that you should be aware of.

The presence of breast lumps in breast lumps is one of the early signs of the emergence of breast cancer. And the mass is not always painful. Even so, there is no mass of breast cancer lumps. When your home personal survey can feel these lumps. When you are in the menstrual period often feel.

The color change of your breast skin color is sometimes misunderstood by infection. In fact, if you do not know what appears in the breast uplift, skin discoloration may make you more alert. At this stage, the breast skin will turn red, like inflammation, skin texture feels like orange peel, skin surface area affects breast cancer seems to groove, and skin thickening. However, in certain types of breast cancer is very rare and does not produce color changes.

The injury characteristics of stage 1 breast cancer are other changes associated with the emergence of painful nipples. In addition, it is characterized by the abnormal sinking of the fluid from the nipple or pacifier.

Although the armpit lumps appear in the so-called breast cancer, it does not mean that you will find no axillary mass with cancer. Breast tissue extension under the armpit. This is why cancer can spread to the axillary lymph nodes.

In order to identify the characteristics of the breast cancer stage 1, try to know or breast self-check every month diligently perform. Diligent knowingly can also help you determine the texture of your breast tissue. So if you feel there are some unusual breasts (instead of breasts changing the texture of menstruation before the time), you will be more aware of this.

Breast cancer is not as fatal to cervical cancer. Although the cause of this cancer still needs further study, it will never hurt to be alert to prevent the infection of the disease. You are still persuading to take care of your diet and a healthy life. Be diligent to know what to do. If you feel that you may be suffering from cancer mother or your family had cancer, you feel very worried, try this matter consult a doctor.

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