6 Conditions you are not allowed to exercise

InfoHealthyLife.Com - Sport is indeed good for health. But unfortunately, it is not always well done everyone. For some people with certain conditions, sports can instead worsen the condition or aggravate the pain you are experiencing. Thus, any condition which makes you shouldn't sport first? Find out the answer in this article.
6 conditions you are not allowed to exercise
Conditions that make you shouldn't sport used to be

1. The Fever
Do not exercise if you feel uncomfortable, even if only a fever though. A fever occurs when the immune system is working hard against the infection. Meanwhile, sports can also give more pressure on the immune system. This is why work out when the fever will aggravate Your illness.

Work out when the fever also often so the main causes of injury, since in these conditions You so more difficult to concentrate.

2. Colds and flu
In addition to fever, you also should not exercise when colds and flu. Under normal circumstances, exercise indeed will boost your immune system, but the State turned around when you are cold or flu. The reason, exercise will make your body so it is getting weak, making it difficult to recover. Especially if you are experiencing flu also comes fever, your condition will clearly be more and worse if coupled with exercise.

3. Asthma
If the asthma attacks caused by respiratory infections, you should not exercise used to be for a few days and see a doctor if symptoms continued. If doctors see asthma You've started can be controlled properly, so that you can exercise.

However, do not directly perform high-intensity sports. It's good you start exercise slowly by doing a warm up for 10 minutes. Immediately stop the sport if you can't arrange your breath or feel tired and weak. Most importantly, always carry inhalers or other medications just in case if Your asthma relapse at any time.

4. old recurrent back Injury
If your old injury suddenly relapses again, you should immediately suspend sports and meet the doctor. Because, this disorder is usually not a good sign, especially if the pain continues to be experienced during your activity. In many cases, the pain appears suddenly require medical attention immediately, especially when the source of the pain is indeed a previously never experienced an injury.

5. Lack of sleep and fatigue
If overnight you've not slept enough, or not even sleeping two-three days behind due to the pursuit of the project office, you should not exercise used to be now. The body that already stresses and fatigue will be more and more drop it when invited to exercise. Rest a moment before starting Your gym routine again.

If necessary, meet the doctor first. Because of extreme fatigue, could be a sign of disease.

6. Pregnant
Ask a doctor about an exercise program that is safe is done while pregnant. Yoga, swimming, running, and low-intensity exercise can be very beneficial during pregnancy. Be sure to keep sufficient water intake, adequate rest, and avoid the heat. Avoid sports that pressing the back and stomach.

Not only that, but you also should not be a sport if you recently had surgery or injuries. In such circumstances, your body takes time to recover and some people who have a chronic disease is also not recommended for exercise. But if you want to keep doing sports, it's good you consult first to a doctor in order to get the right kind of exercise options are appropriate for your situation.

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