The characteristics of your body is not Fit Anymore

InfoHealthyLife.Com - It is easy to feel tired even though the new climbing stairs for a bit? Easy feel limp when the road briefly when the weather is hot? This may be caused because the body is less fit. A lot of people might not keep his body. Rarely do the sport and spent much time to sleep or sit. In fact, body fitness is very important to support activities that You undertake on a daily basis and also improve your health.
The characteristics of your body is not Fit Anymore
What is fitness?. Fitness is a series of quality body that is able to improve the performance of physical activity. Physical fitness itself consists of various components, so it is not easy to say someone had a good fitness or not if it is only seen at a glance. Some components in fitness, namely:
  • Fitness cardiorespiration (heart and lung) shows how well your body to provide energy through the circulatory and respiratory systems during the activity.
  • Muscle strength shows how much the ability of the muscles in the muscle force remained strong during the activity.
  • Muscular endurance muscular capability to constantly powered without creating fatigue.
  • Body composition showed how big Your body composition, which consists of the amount of muscle, bone, fat, and water.
  • Flexibility (flexibility) shows the range of movement of joints that can be done.
You can find out your fitness whether or not of how good your performance on each of the component. For example, how much movement the push up or sit ups you generate until you feel tired, it's to measure the strength and durability of your muscles. Or, how the time you need to run a distance of 2.4 km or 1.5 miles, to show how well Your cardiovascular fitness.
For what is keeping the body fitness?

Each person's body fitness is definitely different. It is influenced by various factors, such as lifestyle (including physical activity), muscle tissue, genetic, and overall health. The more often you work out, the better Your body fitness also.
So, don't get me wrong if obese people who often could be that sports have a higher fitness and healthier than skinny people but never exercise.

Keep the body stay in shape can keep your overall health and prevent You from many diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Offered from Prevention fitness levels can determine how big a risk of heart failure. It is expressed in a study presented at the American Heart Association's Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions of the year 2013.

Regular exercise makes your metabolism your body awake, so you can avoid excess weight gain. In addition, the blood circulation can also run smoothly when the exercise routine, thus lowering the risk of heart disease. Regular exercise also make the body more pliable, more powerful muscles, as well as not an easy injury.

How to sign if the body is less fit?
You may feel less body shape while you easily tired and limp after activity. In fact, the level of fitness can be determined by a variety of measurements for the various components. A person's physical fitness cannot be seen casually without measure.

However, you may have less body shape if you have the following signs:
  • Muscle feels pain or stiffness and discomfort after exercise.
  • Have a limited range of movement of joints or less supple body.
  • Prone to injury when exercising.
  • Fatigue when exercising.
  • Often sleepy due to lack of oxygen to brain.
  • Easy panting or even chest feels pain when exercising.
  • Often hard to sleep.
  • Digestion is not smoothly because of the body's metabolism slows down.
Have you ever suffered from signs above? If Yes, it means you need to be much more routine exercise in order for body fitness increases.

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