4 Benefits of Scuba Diving for Health

InfoHealthyLife.Com -  The sport of scuba diving or diving in the Sea seems to be so popular in recent years. Scuba is also an acronym for self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, using diving equipment such as oxygen tubing, regulators, tanks, and heavy embellishments and tools to explore underwater. However, for what the hell people bother to dive to the bottom of the sea to have to wear oxygen tubes? In addition because of natural resources under the sea is so amazing and there is no appeal, the many benefits of scuba diving that nourish. Benefits of Scuba Diving for Health.
4 Benefits of Scuba Diving for Health
Once upon a time, the sport was conducted by the Navy in America, but are now starting to become popular with many people and a penchant for the general public. Roughly, what benefits and advantages gained from this dive sports, Yes? Yuk, refer to four healthy benefits you can get from scuba diving.

1. Train all the muscles of the body
When you start diving, whole muscle your body will fight the heavy water flow. According to fitness expert Kelly Rockwood of women's Health, divers are usually not aware that activities that they do under water actually belongs to a pretty heavy physical activity.

Because, when you are in the water, movement and body burden seems noticeably lighter. In fact, that happened actually is divers using the main muscle groups of the body to encourage them to move against water resistance while you roam the oceans.

It is not uncommon, if after doing sports scuba diving, the body can feel very tired. What's more, when diving You will wear or carry oxygen with a weight of about 30 to 40 pounds as well as other equipment which range up to 10 kilograms.
Therefore, your muscles will be more trained and formed, without the need for excessive sweating as when you exercise gym fitness center.

2. Burn massive calories
Do you know if with the sport of scuba diving for 30 minutes, you can burn around 400 calories? Yes, thanks to the resistance movement in the water, you are able to burn more calories. However, the benefits of this depends on scuba diving weight, water flow, and the intensity of diving you do.

Brad Johnson, Ph.d., a fitness expert and author of health books advise, if you dive a couple of times in a day, don't forget to eat enough servings and drinking mineral water as much as possible. Because basically the calories you've drained quite a lot, if not offset by food intake enough feared will cause serious health problems.

3. Train your breathing
According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, you are forbidden to simply hold my breath on when diving. Why shouldn't it? At the time of the dive, you must instead use the breathing in (using the abdominal breath), it aims to avoid the risk of injury to the lungs.

In addition, according to Harvard Medical School, breathing using the abdominal breath can improve lung function while strengthening the respiratory system. Other bonuses, using deep breathing, you allow the body to absorb more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide. Deep breathing techniques can also cope with depression, anxiety, stress-related disorders and problems.

4. Stress Relief
Benefits of scuba diving this one rarely known. By combining hormone secretion of endorphins when diving, doing deep breathing, and see the beautiful underwater scenery, scuba diving can help you release stress.

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