4 Sports Movement to shape calf muscles

InfoHealthyLife.Com - Calf muscles are composed of two main muscles gastrocnemius and soleus, IE. Soleus muscle is a long and wide under the gastrocnemius smaller and round. Both the main muscle along with several smaller secondary muscles form Your calf muscles.
4 Sports Movement to shape calf muscles
Because Your calf muscles contracting to strengthen Your legs and toes, then strong calf muscles are very necessary for the activity. Do calf exercises for You as much as one or two times a week to keep them avoid fat and muscular. What are the sports that can be done to shape calf muscles? See the answer below. How to build calf muscles;

1. Raised
On tiptoes is a classic exercise to strengthen the shank. This exercise uses the weight of your body to strengthen and tighten the gastrocnemius and the soleus.
  • Start by standing near the wall for balance. Open your legs as wide as your shoulders, and make sure the ankles, knees, and hips are in a vertical line to prevent injury to your joints. Then press the ball of the foot (the front part of the sole of the foot) of both legs to lift your body up. Take care to keep your body upright.
Other variations:
  • Start standing on the stairs, let the ball of the foot are on the stairs and the heels you fell down the stairs. Then press the ball of the foot and lift heels as high as you can.
  • You can also add weights to increase the intensity. Hold the dumbbells or other weights on the one hand and the other hand holding on the wall for balance.
2. Lift the calf in a sitting position
You can do this exercise at home or at the gym on the calf exercise machine. This exercise can function properly in the gastrocnemius and the soleus.
If doing it at home:
  • Start in the position of sitting in the Chair is a strong and sturdy by placing your feet on the floor. Keep your knees in order not to forward or backward. Grab a dumbbell, then clasp in the hand and place it on top of the thigh near the knee. Press the ball of the foot slowly to raise the heels as high as possible. Next lower slowly and repeat.
If do it in place of the gym:
  • Start putting yourself on the machine with the ball of the foot calf presses You on the platform. This will let Your heel down to the floor. Restore the machine safety latches and release the weight to Your calf. Drop your heels as far as you can to lose weight floor towards, and then press the ball of the foot to lift the heels as high as you can.
3. Cardio workouts
Take part of the following cardio exercise will also help you strengthen and tighten the Shank:
  • Running, walking, and mountain climbing is exercise amplifier calves are very good, especially when you uphill. Increasingly steep climb, then the more you work the calves.
  • Do sports such as football, basketball, and tennis events, including running, jumping, pushing and calf muscles to accelerate or change direction quickly. So, they are very good to tighten calves.
  • Step class and other types of dance will make a shank you work every time you step up and down or bend Your knees and push from a position high to the low position.
  • Swim makes calf muscles and other leg muscles work. The sport is well done for avoiding the movement of running or jumping. Because he is a low-impact, then it is a safe way to strengthen Your calves when you've recovered from the injury.
  • Jump rope to build muscle while providing cardiovascular exercise. According to the magazine, Muscle, and Fitness, muscle plays a major role in the main jump rope is the shank. Start doing jump rope for 1-3 minutes.
4. Lunge pulses
Start by standing upright and put the arm on the side of you. Step your right foot forward, then bend up to 90 degrees angle-shaped. expand your legs back by bending knee. Align the left leg so that the Agency's rise to the top, then lower body until your left foot to bend over again, repeat that movement for 15 times on each side.
This movement will develop Your soleus muscles, and will only contract fully when You lower your body down to at least form an angle of 30 degrees of the front foot.

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