5 Powerful Sports Movement to improve posture

InfoHealthyLife.Com -  Posture plays an important role in your health, not just limited to the issue of physical appearance. The most common problem that can be felt by people with bad posture is pain around the neck, shoulders, and back, cellulite, and digestive problems. Then, from now on you need to improve posture which is not ideal. see way below.
5 Powerful Sports Movement to improve posture
How to improve posture?
Are visible, a good posture can be seen from the way someone standing up and sitting down. People with good posture will have a sturdy stature, but not rigid, either while standing or sitting. 

Offered from WebMD, the best way to improve posture is by doing sports that focus on core muscles of the body, namely the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the lower back which is connected to the spine and the pelvic bones. Some of the core muscles move your body by flexing, extending, or twisting the spine. While other body muscles stabilize the pelvis and spine.

Yoga and pilates are examples of the kind of exercise that can help you improve posture. In addition to the second, the following may be simple movements you can try.

1. Bicycle maneuver
Before getting started, imagine you're pedaling an imaginary bicycle in the air. Lying on his back, then bend your knees and make sure the entire back up to your butt sticking with the floor. Put both hands on the back of the head.

Then, drag one of the legs to the chest and the other leg cast straight forward so that the legs forming an angle of 45 degrees with the floor. Hold your stomach in and keep your body still stuck to the floor. Then, replace the movement with one foot more. Kept pace a few times turns away. Try upper body do not depart from the floor.

2. Pilates roll-up
Lie on your back with knees bent, like the picture above. Lift the arm close to the knee. Raise your head little by little approaching the knee, such as the movement of "rolling up", until you sit down with a stomach that is still being held. Repeat the movement back.

3. Crossover Crunch
Lie on your back with knees bent to approach the chest. Make sure that the entire body of the rear stuck to the floor, pull your stomach in, and put both hands on the back of the head. The movement of the foot such as pedaling a bicycle (such as movement of the bicycle maneuver on top), while the movement of the head and shoulders to the front knee approaching the crossed bent. The movement of the legs and lift the head alternately.

4. the Cobra Pose
Lay it down body with a face-down position. The palm of the hand on the side of the Agency close to Your rib cage. Then, lift Your head and chest up, until it feels the abdominal muscles and the spine are interested. Keep the hip bone remains stuck to the floor. And, see above.

5. The Plank
Lay it down your body in a position stomach. Then, lift the body and bend your arm. Make sure the open arms as wide as the shoulders. The position of the legs raised. Pull Your abdominal muscles into. Hold, and the straight gaze to the floor. Make sure your whole body in one straight line. Do it until you start to feel tired. Rest a minute, and repeat again.

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