Guide to safe sport use the treadmill to avoid injury

InfoHealthyLife.Com - Exercise treadmill is usually a favorite of people who just start jamming. Anyone can use it without needing special skills. However, just as easily as any kind of sports, you still need to know the correct guidelines. The following will be discussed further on the use of a treadmill, especially for beginners, to make Your Workout more effective but still fun.
Guide To Safe Sport Use The Treadmill To Avoid Injury
How to safely exercise treadmill so that no injuries

1. Make sure you use a comfortable shoe
Don't want your treadmill exercise resulted in a painful complaint? The first thing that you should note before diligent exercise treadmill is to choose the right shoes. Shoes for exercise treadmill should be flexible so that it can support the foot to bend every time you step.

Choose shoes that do not fit with sports activities can cause a variety of complaints. Ranging from the blisters, pain in the calf (shin splint), pain in the Achilles tendon at the back of the foot (Achilles tendonitis), back pain, knee pain, and sore hip.

Avoid shoes that are too narrow. Between the shoe and there should be a space of about one centimeter. Shoes with a heel part should firmly be attached. Do not choose a shoe that feels loose at the heel.

It is important to remember, make sure you've toned tie your shoelaces before rising to the treadmill. It is very useful to prevent injury due to shoelaces snagged.

2. Know your equipment
The first step in order to practice running smoothly is you have to know the type of equipment you use. Therefore, before you start to use it, you need to have a clear knowledge about the system working and functionality of the tool.

You can also ask for help to people who are already accustomed to using a treadmill to give examples when walking on it. This is especially true if you've never used it at all.

3. Warm up
Warming up is the basic things you should do when doing an exercise program, an exercise treadmill is no exception. Before you walk on the treadmill, you must ensure that the heart, lungs, and muscles of the body ready to do physical activity.

How can doing brisk walking? Especially in the morning, when the body needs sunlight. After running fast, you can draw the leg muscles slowly. This will help you start the practice at the time.

4. Head must remain upright
Even though you exercise indoors and need not fear bumping into something if it's off guard, you should still staring straight ahead with a head and neck upright.

Many people made the mistake of looking down while running on the treadmill, that is towards the legs. In fact, looking down thus increases the risk of falling because you lose your balance.

Also, avoid peeking sideways for a conversation with the person next to You while doing the exercise treadmill. The most correct is your eyes and your head facing straight forward and the back of the head with the back upright.

5. use the degrees of slope (incline) according to the ability
Set the treadmill on position up or climb of 1-3 percent can increase the activity of the muscle strength of hip and back part of the thigh. This will make the muscles stronger the more can even burn more calories and improve stamina. But the set degree incline in accordance with your ability to avoid injury.

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