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Guidelines for safe Exercise for patients with lung cancer

Guidelines for safe Exercise for patients with lung cancer
InfoHealthyLife.Com -  A lot of people who think if people who have cancer should not exercise, let alone lung cancer patients who have respiratory disorders. In fact, the sport thus may help cancer treatment so more smoothly and effectively. Check out here the benefits of exercise for lung cancer, along with a guide how to exercise safety.
The benefits of exercise for lung cancer
Generally considered the sport will only make the patient's lung cancer so weakened, tired, and difficult breathing. But basically, it can be adapted to your condition, which had a body. It even has a lot of research that says if the sport for lung cancer treatment can make running more smoothly.

One of them proved in a study published in the journal of Translational Lung Cancer Research, which reveals if sports is very important and must be done the patient with lung cancer. In the Journal Note If the sport can thus improve the patient's immune system, strengthen the muscles, as well as prevent drastic weight loss.

In fact, with regular exercise, can pass through the lung cancer patients cancer treatment better, less experienced side effects of treatment, as well as prevent cancer relapse at a later date.
What types of exercise are safe to do?

However, this type of exercise for lung cancer cannot be indiscriminate. Because, besides being susceptible of exhaustion, pulmonary cancer patients also on average have a problem with his breathing. Wrong-wrong, thus making the patient's condition deteriorated.

Then, what kind of exercise for lung cancer is good and safe? In fact, patients do not need to do heavy exercise. Just need to keep his physical status stay active every day. You can do light activity and as simple as:
  • Gardening
  • Use stairs than up the escalator or elevator
  • Take a leisurely stroll along the animal's pet, or together with your relatives.
If you want to keep exercising, cancer patients can perform this type of exercise such as yoga, tai-chi, swimming and cycling. Avoid sports that do have a high intensity, such as aerobics, due to the risk to cause respiratory problems.
Tips on doing the exercise for lung cancer a safe
Here are tips to let your sport remains safe and does not pose a problem when done:
  • Listen to your body. Know the limits the ability of the body, when you feel fatigue then should immediately stop the activity you are doing. Give your body time to pause and take a break. When it is, you can start physical activity back slowly. For example, start to walk back, if tired soon stopped.
  • Use a pedometer. A pedometer is a device used to measure how many steps you've done. This will keep you motivated to exercise and you so know how the ability of your body each day. Make an increase every day, it certainly does not need drastic improvement, simply just slowly so that your body is trained and getting stronger every day.
  • Fix posture. To keep the skeleton and joints stay healthy, you should also note any posture do movement. For example, when sitting, try to back upright and not bent. This will reduce the risk of possible future joint problems you are experiencing. To train it, you can practice yoga regularly.
  • Do stretching and cooling. Don't forget to do the things every second you exercise Your muscles, so do not freak out and tense.
In addition, before doing the exercise, you should first consult with doctors who deal with you. Because each person has different conditions, you should ask Your doctor first, what kind of exercise can be done and cannot be done.

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