Maintain ideal body tricks at age 35+

InfoHealthyLife.Com - Hello, welcome to the age of 35. Do you already feel the difference in the condition of your body? strong, who had stayed up late, it is now easy to drowsiness. A plate who used to eat rice, but not fat, now it feels like drinking water alone could have changed so fat.
Maintain ideal body tricks at age 35+
Yes, it is when the teens and 20s, the body metabolism you are in top condition. You rarely exercise and eating patterns as well as not living a healthy lifestyle might feel not having health problems which mean. But when age 30 years, your body starts to beep alarm. Moreover, 35 +, work the body indeed has not decreased significantly, but you have already begun should be wary and increasingly look at your health.

Change what the heck is that? Then what kind of diet should be applied so that the body remains the ideal?

Of calcium from green vegetables
At the age of 30s, bone density begins to decrease, especially if your family has a history of osteoporosis problems or if you smoke. For this, you should be a sufficient intake of calcium and vitamins with calcium-rich foods such as salmon, almond, and green vegetables. Avoid fizzy drinks, because the drink is often associated with reduced bone mass and strength.

Portion control eat
Did you know that the number of calories burned your body each day is reduced by as much as 12 calories for every year after the age of 30? That's why you are actively exercising any kind of hard to lose weight after the age of 30. The most effective way of controlling portions, of course with the meal. With a reduced calorie burning, you should reduce the share of eating for the sake of keeping the weight off.
Not smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages
Decrease in skin conditions while growing older would have been unknown to many people. But the actual decline in this skin condition has been started since the age of 30, in conjunction with the decrease in the production of collagen and elastin which affect the structure and texture of the skin. Prevention: the white water consumption as well as vegetables and fruits, especially those containing vitamin C and vitamin e. Additionally, stop smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages which accelerate the depletion of collagen and elastin.

Replace a carbohydrate starch with raw vegetable and fruit
In line with the decrease in body metabolism, muscle mass you are also reduced. A woman with normal body weight is even expected to experience weight gain as much as 5% of his weight for each decade between aged 25-45 years. Like other muscles in your body, the ability of the heart is also diminishing as we get older, including its ability to pump blood as well as the process of oxygen from the blood. In their 30s also cholesterol began to accumulate in the blood vessels and increases blood pressure.

Other extras are; the risk of diabetes. According to an expert nutritionist Dr. Tan Shot Yen, Indonesia is currently in the 4th position by the number of diabetics in the world. The cause, 93 percent of the population aged over 10 years does not like eating vegetables according to general guidelines Balanced Nutrition (PUGS). "In fact, the advice of the day someone has to eat the 3-5 portion of vegetables with just one portion weighing 100 grams," he snapped.
Carbohydrates is indeed a vital nutrient that is needed as a source of energy. But as you get older, there are some things that must be considered before consuming carbohydrates. Activity adults no longer need the calories as much as children. Hence so healthy, replace the source of carbohydrates from rice into vegetables.

"Replace the rice with a source of carbohydrates that contain low calories, such as vegetables and fruit. To substitute rice, can eat 500 grams of raw lettuce vegetable. It contains low calories, but enough to make the belly full until the next feeding time, "explained Dr. Tan.
Don't be tempted to various diets
A variety of diet trends that offer all manner of solutions is indeed tantalizing to follow. But got not enough dream postures by following the diet of the sheer module. Can-can is not the ideal posture obtained, but rather a lack of nutrients which result in more fatal.

Dr. Tan also describes a problem eating patterns could not be overcome by instant. "Because the diet should be consistent and relates to the lifestyle for a long period of time. Not wise if the impact of dietary accumulation ambush want to be resolved by Instant pattern, "he explained

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