The Benefits of Regular Exercise to Keep Your Brain Sharp During Old Age

InfoHealthyLife.Com - Many people exercise with the purpose of maintaining or losing weight. Indeed, exercise keeps the body active so it could be a lot of fat burning, and finally any weight down. However, it is not only the benefits of sport. Avid sports early on also can prevent you from a decline in cognitive function. This makes you avoid senility (dementia) in old age.
What is cognitive function?
The Benefits of Regular Exercise to Keep Your Brain Sharp During Old AgeYou may often hear the word "cognitive". However, if you understand what is cognitive? Cognitive pertaining to a person's ability to think, how does one understand things, make decisions, and act. Therefore, all actions you do of course rely heavily on cognitive processes of the brain.

Cognitive function is the brain skills that are required to perform a variety of activities from the most simple to the most complex. Cognitive mechanisms related to the brain in learning, remembering, problem-solving, and noticed something.

So, all that you do in this world requires a cognitive function, involving all parts of the brain. Declining cognitive function can keep you trouble thinking, working, understand something, communication, even taking a decision.

Can cognitive function decreases with the increase of age
Just imagine, all the activities you do involves cognitive function, even while you are just sitting and thinking. This involves an awful lot of neurons (nerve cells) in the brain. When your body's already aging, the cells in the body is also aging. So, it's no wonder if the slight decline of cognitive function.

Cognitive decline may be seen clearly from a slowdown of activities that require cognitive function. For example, it takes more time while writing, considering, process information, or making a decision. The person who's been cognitive ability declines also may be hard to concentrate.

The benefits of sport to prevent cognitive decline
In fact, cognitive decline can be prevented. Like muscles, if trained constantly then the muscles getting stronger and its function does not decline, so does the brain. The brain constantly trained or used could prevent it from a decline in function. So, you can prevent cognitive decline by hone creativity, finding out new things, trying new experiences, establishing relationships with many people, or engage in games that train the brain.

In addition, regular exercise also turned out early can prevent cognitive decline. Offered from Medical News Today, research conducted on rodents showed that the benefits of the sport since the young of which are delaying cognitive decline and prevent age-related cognitive impairment by creating cognitive reserve.

What is a cognitive reserve? Cognitive reserve refers to the ability of the brain to prevent aging or malfunction. This great cognitive reserve can prevent you from neurodegenerative damage, which may be caused by Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, or even a stroke.

Research conducted by Dr. Martin Wojtowicz from the University of Toronto, Canada to observe the activity of the nerve cells of the brain are associated with physical activity early in life of mice. As a result, the mice often use running wheels for six weeks since the age of one month activity of nerve cells of the brain is larger that will have an impact on memory and learning ability of rats in their adult life, if compared to mice that did not use the wheels run.

Therefore, a person who likes physical activity since the young will reap the benefits of sports for brain health. However, it is not too late for those of you who have already stepped on the age of majority or continue to keep cognitive function by way of sports. Because the benefits of the sport will never be stopped or reduced at any age.

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