Tips On Starting A Sport After The diagnosis Have Diabetes

InfoHealthyLife.Com -  As you already know before, people with diabetes need to control their blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels can increase the risk of complications of diabetes. How to control blood sugar levels is to keep food intake, adequate rest, and increase physical activity.
 Exercise for diabetics is indeed encouraged, but with different notes. Start sports again after too long not to sports, must be done carefully.
Not only sports, you also need to increase physical activity

Tips On Starting A Sport After The diagnosis Have DiabetesPhysical activity is undertaken by the current people, especially those living in urban areas, tend to be low. Currently many available cars, motorcycle or public transport, as well as the elevator thus reducing people to walk and climb down the ladder. In fact, there is now an online food ordering so you don't have to go outside to buy food at lunchtime. With a life like that, certainly important daily doing physical activity which requires your body to move more.

People with diabetes also need to do physical activity. Why is it so? According to Diabetes Canada, low physical activity into the same powerful risk factors with smoke, as the cause of death. In fact, the level of fitness is one of the strongest predictors of the cause of death in diabetics. The lower the level of fitness will be an increasingly higher risk of death.

Other facts mentioned that physical activity also is almost as effective as the drug-lowering blood sugar and of course with the lower side effects. In fact, the physical activity coupled with eating healthy food and weight control can also reduce the incidence of diabetes mellitus in the amount of 60 percent. The facts certainly shows how the importance of exercise for diabetes.
Tips on starting a sport for diabetes after long time no sports

Behind many of the benefits of exercise for diabetes, there are things to watch out for especially for you who have long not exercised. If you've not been exercising for a long time, consult a doctor and reduce a heavy workout. Do light aerobics first.

You could increase the severity level of a sport are way up. In addition, there are several things you need to know before you start doing sports for diabetes return.

1. Calculate how many hours you work out
Experts recommend a minimum of 150 hours in one week. You can pick up the daily duration of 30 minutes per day. Sport is sport aerobics is as light as running, swimming and walking.

If it's too heavy for you, start with a more active life for example doing household activities such as sweeping and scrubbing, or squeeze in walking or riding a bike while headed to a nearby minimart for shopping, instead of the driving vehicle.

2. Listen to your body when you're exercising
If you feel limp and breathless, rest. Don't enforce your body long did not work out. Let your body adjusting little by little. When you do it regularly, your body's ability will increase.

3. Your diabetes Medication effect on sports
If you have recently been injecting insulin on yourself to reduce blood sugar levels, it will quickly go down when your physical activity. Extreme sports will lower blood sugar levels significantly and can cause hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia is a condition where blood sugar levels below average and can be bad on other body organs, for example on the nervous system.

4. prepare carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed, such as fruit and on some kind of snack
Why is this important? This is used if the hypoglycemia comes, where you need energy immediately to continue the exercise for diabetes. In fact, if your blood sugar levels under 100 when you want to exercise, you need to eat a carbohydrate snack to be more energized. You can also bring sweet tea or other sugared drinks just in case

5. Make sure you drink plenty of water before and during exercise
Aerobic sports such as running, swimming and cycling will make you spend a lot of sweat. Sweat out to maintain body temperature. In addition, you may have the desire to constantly pee. If not replaced by drinking water, you can experience dehydration.

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