10 Easy Ways to Drop Weight Without Exercise

10 Easy Ways to Drop Weight Without Exercise
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Whether you currently are undergoing a weight loss program? Are you a regular schedule for sports? If Yes, how You succeed? Sometimes we've tried hard to lose weight, such as regular cardio workouts, but to get down 1 kg only it feels hard. Reasonable if a lot of people are looking for various ways to lose weight without exercise.

But we feel it's been drained of energy, why the scales never decreases? If there is a way to lose weight without exercise, you'll want to give it a try, right? Sport indeed is time-consuming, not to mention daily activities already make you tired. A commitment to regular exercise became dissipated. Then, is there any other solution to lose weight?
How to lose weight without exercise?

Indeed your weight will not necessarily be a drastic decline. However, for those of you who don't have time to exercise, some of the ways this can be done the following to lose weight:

1. Chew food slowly

The brain takes time to process what we will do. Similarly, when packed, the brain has to process that we had enough fullness to stop eating. Chewing is eating slowly, feel the taste of the food, and then swallow it can make us aware that we are eating. You may often feel wasn't really aware when You're eating because the brain is wandering thought of the job, tasks, tasks in the home, and much more. So, the brain does not have time to process that we are already full.

Menguyah food slowly can increase a sense of satiety, besides food also can be digested by enzymes located in the mouth. Incoming calories that also became a little more. Reviews of 23 observation research cited Authority Consultant, found that fast eaters easier his weight go up when compared to the casual eater.

2. Use smaller plates

Plates or trays are diverse in size. Provide small plates at home or anywhere else. When you buy food, use small size plates. This could be a trick to your brain. Small plates can make food look larger, the brain will catch it as it is. If you are using small plates, serving unhealthy food it has become a little more. You can also do the trick instead of healthy food, put the food on the plate.

3. Consume plenty of protein

The protein has a function to increase the feeling of fullness so that it can help you to eat little calories. The hormone ghrelin – a hormone that stimulates a sense of satiety – and GLP-1 can be stimulated by protein.

Based on the research cited by the Authority Nutrition, participants helped to eat fewer 441 calories per day and can lose weight approx. 4 kg within 12 weeks, without limiting anything else, simply by increasing the protein intake 15% up to 30%.

You can get protein from eggs as a breakfast menu. Eat eggs at breakfast is believed will help place the intake of fewer calories for lunch, even throughout the day and during the 36 hours ahead. Proteins can also be found on the chicken breast, fish, Greek yogurt, and almonds.

4. do not put food in a place that looks

Put food or unhealthy snacks on place looks can make you tempted to eat it again and again. Snacking unhealthy can also raise the weight.

Often, we put a high-calorie food in the open, is within easy reach, as well as having more space than with a place to put the fruit. If you fall into this group, should you begin to change the way it is now?

5. Multiple foods containing fiber

How to lose weight effectively is multiply packed fibers. Foods rich in fiber help you feel full for a long period of time. One type of fiber, a fiber that is strong, can form gels when in contact with water. This gel will improve time to absorb nutrients and slow digestion so that the stomach is not empty fast.

This viscous fiber can be found in the cereals wheat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and flaxseed. In addition, you can also get it on supplements glucomannan.

6. Drink water more often

Other ways to lose weight without exercise is to drink water before eating. This can make you eat little calories. Dehydration can also trigger hunger because when the brain is dehydrated, confusion capture signals the body, so translated as hunger.  

Drink approximately 0.5 liters of water half an hour before eating, can reduce hunger. Participants of this way of doing research, her weight down about 44% in the 12 weeks compared with not doing it this way. Try white water is consumed, avoid sugary drinks.

7. Change of portion-packed into less

Initially, it will be difficult indeed. But when you succeed, then you will be familiar with such little portions. If you're familiar with many servings, you will be compelled to eat larger portions when hungry. A large meal portion will also pose a risk of obesity.

8. Avoid eating while doing other things

As already explained above, when eating should not think of anything else or doing other jobs. Avoid eating while watching television or working on the computer. People who distracted while eating can take about more than 25% of calories than not distracted.

9. Keep your sleep patterns and avoid stress

When you're sleep-deprived, hormone leptin (a hormone that stimulates hunger) and hormone ghrelin being disturbed. Meanwhile, stress can increase the production of the hormone cortisol, the hormone can interfere with the work of other hormones.  If these hormones are disrupted, food cravings and hunger became inflated.

10. The actively moving

Who says only burn calories with exercise? How to lose weight without exercise does not mean you can not move at all. You can burn calories just by cleaning the House, invite your dog walks, even climb the stairs.  According to the physiology of exercise and personal trainers in the Northern, California quoted Prevention.com, "turn on the music, add a burning passion, and enjoy Your movements."

You can also go buy food or their own purposes, without asking for help on the person. Carry your shopping can be a gentle exercise that burns calories without you even realizing. If you have to go to the toilet, choose a toilet that is slightly off, by choosing the parking and on-site dining.

Similarly, when you have to go to the top floor of a nearby building, perhaps you could use the stairs as an alternative than an elevator.

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