11 Foods That Contain a Lot of Protein, and Easy to Find

11 Foods That Contain a Lot of Protein, and Easy to Find
InfoHealthyLife.Com - The body requires some kind of nutrients to be able to run its functions properly. One of the important nutrients is proteins. Yuk, know some foods containing protein that you know and can get adequate daily protein needs.

Read on to know what is the main function of a protein, protein, protein types, and some examples of foods that contain protein.

What Is A Protein?

Before the much-discussed foods contain protein, you should know more what that protein. The protein is one example of macro-nutrients that are formed from several elements, i.e. elements carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), and nitrogen (N).

Aside from the main constituent elements of proteins, the protein is sometimes also established additional substances such as sulfur and phosphorus. Protein should be easy people satisfied their needs because there are many foods that contain protein.

The Main Function Of Protein

Similar to the macro-nutrient substances, other proteins also have many functions. One of the functions of the proteins is to help the growth of the cells. The function is the main function of a protein is the most important.

This makes the protein is the nutrients that have an important role against the growth period and period pain. Why is this so? This is because protein can help the formation and turnover of cells of the body that are growing or that are damaged due to illness.

Types Of Protein

Protein nutrients are there in the world is not only one type of course. The protein is divided into two types based on the origin of the source of the food. So, foods containing protein composed of two categories of different proteins.

The following are the two types of proteins based on the origin of sustenance:

Animal Protein

A type of protein that is most easily found is animal protein. Based on his name then you can surely soon learn that animal protein is a type of protein derived from animals.

So, if the food contains protein derived from certain animal then the food included in food animal protein. Animal protein does have a better protein quality. However, there is a lack of animal protein.

A shortage of animal protein typically contains fairly high cholesterol although there are also foods that include animal protein has little content of cholesterol. So, you need to limit the amount of intake of foods containing animal protein.

Vegetable Protein

The second type of protein, that vegetable protein. Surely, vegetable protein is a type of protein that originates from vegetation. Although it has a lower protein quality, vegetable protein food has its own advantages.

The advantages of vegetable protein-containing foods is not a saturated fat contains a lot more than that is in foods from animal protein. In addition, the vegetable protein also contains isoflavones, antioxidants, and anticholesterol.

Therefore, do not just consuming food containing animal protein or vegetable protein only. However, these two types of protein consume it so you can also get the advantages of each type of protein.

Protein Intake Needs Someone

Within a day, you need animal protein food intake by as much as 2-4 servings or equivalent to 70-160 grams of meat. In addition, you also need to consume foods that contain vegetable proteins, namely of 2-4 servings.

The vegetable protein portion equivalent to 100-200 grams of 200-400 grams of tofu and tempe knows. If you would like to learn more then numbers adequacy of protein can be viewed in accordance with the characteristics of age, gender, and physiological properties of each.

This is due to the difference in gender, age, and physiological conditions like being pregnant can affect the amount of adequacy of protein in a day. It's important to know so that you can complain about your daily protein needs.

What are the foods that contain high Protein?

We mentioned earlier that there are a lot of foods contain protein. The foods that contain these proteins easily found each day. Yuk, check out what are the foods that contain protein!

The following are some examples of foods containing protein:

1. Eggs

The egg is the food contains a protein that has been known by many people. In addition, eggs are also easily obtained and have a very affordable price. Based on the source, it's obvious when the eggs are included in animal protein.

Protein content in eggs is not the same and depending on the type of egg. For example, in one chicken eggs (90 g) of protein as much as 12.8 grams, while one egg duck (90 g) protein of 13.1 grams.

The white part of the egg and egg yolks also contain different proteins. Egg yolks contain more protein. Chicken egg yolk contains 16.3 grams of protein while the white contains 10.8 grams of protein.

Although the yellow section contains more protein, do not forget when part of the egg yolks also contains a lot of cholesterol. Maybe you will be dumbfounded when knowing the fish egg protein content per 100 grams, namely 16.7 grams.

2. Milk

In addition to eggs, food protein that is easily found is dairy. The milk protein is quite large. The protein content of milk differs depending on the type of milk. Soy milk (vegetable protein) protein as much as 3.5 grams per 100 grams.

Milk produced from animal containing animal protein and tend to contain larger proteins in 100 grams, i.e. as in the goat's milk (4.3 g) and buffalo milk (6.3 g). Cow's milk contains less protein than soy milk, namely 3.2 grams.

3. Yogurt

There are also foods that contain protein that is also easy to find. Yogurt is a food that contains proteins and is pretty easy to find. Protein content in 100 grams of yogurt is as much as 3.3 grams.

4. Poultry

Meat poultry of course also included in foods containing protein. In 100 grams of protein, chicken meat as much as 18.2 grams, meat duck 16 grams of protein, and quail meat protein of 25.6 grams.

5. Meat of ruminants

Not just poultry, ruminant meat or meat from animals grazing also contain protein. Beef and Buffalo meat has a protein content similar i.e. 18.8 grams. Goat meat protein of 16.6 grams protein and lamb as much as 17.1 grams.

6. Fresh Fish

Wet fish is food containing protein. Many health experts recommend eating fish because fish wet have quality protein and amino acids.

For example, in 100 grams, protein content in fish whitefish by 20 grams, 19 grams, pomfret fish belida 16.5 grams, 16 grams, carp fish Oreochromis 18 grams, 20 grams of snapper, trevally fish yellow 27 grams of fresh fish, and the Cork 25.2 grams.

7. Dried fish (Anchovies)

Not just any community, wet fish is also widely consumed fish dried or salted fish. In fact, the protein content per 100 grams in the salted fish was also pretty much that is of 42 grams. Protein content on a dry Cork fish per 100 grams doubled over the Cork of a fresh IE as much as 58 grams.

8. Wet Seafood

Seafood or seafood you like a lot of people are also the foods containing protein. Although not all types have as much protein, fish protein content in seafood is also quite high.

Such as protein content in shrimp that is as big as 21 grams per 100 grams. Squid contains 16.1 grams of protein, the crab has a protein content of 13, 8 grams, and shellfish contain fewer proteins IE 8 grams.

9. Heart

The liver is also often referred to as foods containing protein. Protein content in the beef liver as much as 19.7 grams, range chicken liver of 18.3 grams of chicken liver, and race of 16.6 grams. However, remember that the offal including liver should be limited consumption.

10. Nuts

Nuts are included in this type of vegetable protein that has many types. Any kind of beans has protein content. For example, the soybean contains as much protein 40.4 grams in 100 grams.

Products derived from soybeans that are known and tempe is also a food protein that is favored by many people. Protein tempeh and tofu in a 100 grams respectively is 20.8 grams and 7.8 grams.

In addition, there are several other types of nuts that have high protein content. Protein content in 100 grams on green beans was 22.2 grams, groundnut amounting to 27.9 grams, 11 grams of red beans, chickpea 23.8 grams, and nut tolo 24.4 grams.

11. Cereals

There is one more food containing protein that is easily found and instead is a staple food every day. These pertained to the food in these types of cereal crops such as rice, corn, sweet potato, potato, oatmeal, and cassava.

Although protein-containing foods is quite a bit, a type of side dish of vegetable protein is consumed and often enough. So, do not also ignores the value of protein in it.

Rice broke the skin or red rice has a protein content of 7.4 grams, yellow corn contains 9.8 grams of protein, oatmeal 14.2 grams 2 grams, potato, sweet potato Red 1.8 grams, and cassava contains 1.2 grams of protein.

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