15 Benefits of Green Tea, Not Just High in Antioxidant Substances and Burning Fat.

15 Benefits of Green Tea, Not Just High in Antioxidant Substances and Burning Fat.
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Green tea has long been known as a type of tea is super healthy. The cause is due to the high content of tea antioxidant substances such as enzymes, amino acids, and polyphenols that are useful to support the health of the body as a whole. In addition, green tea also contains B vitamins, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and caffeine. 

Benefits of green tea for face

1. Enhance your facial skin

The main benefits of green tea for beauty face is able to beautify the skin. A study in 2003 conducted by the Medical College of Georgia showed that consumption of green tea will produce toxins from the skin, heal blemishes and scars, reduce inflammation, and even increase the elasticity of the skin.

2. Reduce puffy eyes and dark circles

The antioxidant content of tannin and the benefit of green tea to treat a swollen eye and reduces dark circles under the eyes. These natural substances help to shrink the blood vessels under the delicate skin around the eyes that turn was able to reduce inflammation and swelling.

3. Prevents aging

Other benefits of green tea are preventing the premature aging that occurs in the skin. This is because green tea contains polyphenols which help to neutralize harmful free radicals that can cause significant damage in the skin and accelerates the onset of the process aging.

4. Treat acne

The content of catechins in green tea this tea makes it useful for treating acne. Why catechins are anti-bacterial, help regulate hormone imbalance, an anti-inflammatory and so causes the onset of acne. Even a study in the year 2012 published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology concludes that epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a component in green tea, helps treat acne with modulate intracellular molecular targets and inhibit the growth of bacteria breakouts.

5. Can serve as a skin toner

It turns out you can use green tea as a skin toner. Yes, other benefits of green tea to avoid beauty is able to attract any dirt left on the skin, minimize pores, and avoid hydrate.

Benefits of green tea for dieting

For those of you who are suffering from obesity, it turns out that drinking green tea regularly will help you to lose weight naturally and slowly. She is the proof.

1. Helps mobilize fat from fat cells

The first benefits of green tea for weight loss is about to put the fat in the fat cells. Because to burn fat, the first thing that should happen is to break up the fat cells and then transferred to the bloodstream. This process can you get from drinking green tea because this drink contains EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) and caffeine.

2. Increase your fat burning

Do you like to your fat who burned a lot more, especially when sport? Drink green tea. Yes, other green tea benefits are to increase the amount of fat burned when you're sporting. This is apparent from the research proves that people who drink green tea before exercise to burn fat 17% more compared to those who did not drink green tea.

3. Increase the body's metabolism

In order for weight loss that you undertake can be successful, then you need to have a good body's metabolic system. And you can achieve it naturally with the help of green tea.

4. Makes you consume fewer calories

Other benefits of green tea for losing weight is to reduce appetite your meal. Because one of the secrets of weight loss so that it can be of maximum is you have to control the number of calories you consume.

5. Remove abdominal fat

Abdominal fat is a type of fat that is nested under the skin and are dangerous. Because fat is associated with the appearance of inflammation in the body, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular disease. Several studies found that drinking green tea useful routine to burn fat it significantly.

Benefits of green tea for health

After you find out some of the benefits of green tea for weight loss and beauty, so here are the benefits of green tea for your health as a whole.

1. Improve brain function

The active ingredients in green tea namely caffeine are useful to support brain function. Why when caffeine enters the brain, then the caffeine will block the neurotransmitter inhibitor called Adenosine. In this way, there was the firing of neurons and neurotransmitters such as dopamine and concentrations of norepinephrine. As a result, brain function will increase.

2. Lower your cancer risk

Green tea is high in antioxidant content. This gives the benefit of green tea to lower the risk of many types of cancer. Because it is known that oxidative damage contributes to the development of cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer and the antioxidant in green tea is capable of ward off it.

3. Improving the health of oral

The content of catechins in green tea green tea benefit to support the health of the mouth and teeth. Some research suggests that this substance will kill the bacteria Streptococcus mutans in the mouth that cause the formation of plaque and lowers the risk of cavities.

4. Lower the risk of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that is becoming epidemic at this time. But do not worry. Since you can lower the risk of diabetes with the benefits of green tea. Research in Japan shows that those who avidly drinking green tea has a 42% lower risk for affected by diabetes.

5. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular diseases including heart disease and stroke you can prevent with the benefits of green tea. Because drinking green tea will increase the antioxidants in the blood which is then useful to protect LDL particles from oxidation. The green tea drinkers also have a risk for cardiovascular disease affected lower 31%.

To get the health benefits of green tea into its full potential, make sure that you correctly brew it as well as not adding sugar processed into green tea would you drink.

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