16 How to Diet Without Exercise Quickly in a Week

16 How to Diet Without Exercise Quickly in a Week
InfoHealthyLife.Com - How to Diet without Exercise quickly is a very desirable diet for people with very little time. Any woman or man will want to have a body that is ideal and normal. A flurry of factors being the main cause of the lazy woman doing sports. Packed with a regular pattern and can actually make healthy bodies can also help us lose weight. lose weight quickly. Sometimes we like to be excessive because of excessive weight in our body and provide negative effects on our bodies.

the following natural ways to lose weight without exercise within a week:

1. Reduce Carbohydrate and sugar Consumption

How to diet without an exercise of the week you can do by reducing the consumption of sugar and carbs, this super potent. If you are often a lot of consuming rice and sugary foods which contain a lot of sugar, as soon as possible you should quickly start it now.

This caused the carbs and sugar can add to the hormone insulin. Although the hormone insulin is useful for stabilizing blood sugar. However, if you consume too much and overdo carbohydrates and sugar continuously, excessive fat will more and more be accumulated. By reducing carbs and sugar you can take away from various diseases such as kidney, heart, sugar.

2. Consume vegetables and Fruits

Consume more vegetables can also be one of the ways to deal with the agency within 1 week. Some kinds of vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, and spinach are able to help you launch a diet program and also maintain the health of the body. Even if you consume an adequate amount of vegetables in a lot, but you don't need to worry because you will not experience the overweight or obese.

3. The abundance of Drinking Water

Water is one of the components in our body which is very important. The average person should drink at least 2 liters of water a day for adults. The lack of drinking water can cause a variety of ailments. Smooth body metabolism will cause the weight moves toward an ideal weight. Try, drink 8 glasses per day, this can help the body's metabolism so that back smoothly.

4. Change the Carbs With complex carbohydrates

Perhaps many people are still consuming white rice, and rice can be replaced with red rice or what we call Brown rice. The content of brown rice which is very useful for maintaining the health of your digestive system. Research, proving that the content of brown rice a lot once the fibers than in the white rice just a lot carbohydrates than in the fiber in brown rice. (See also: the dangers of a Diet without eating rice and his illness).

5. Set the eating patterns

Maybe some people say regulating his diet very difficult or complicated, this is because many people are too eat that much at the beginning. So that weight can drop quickly. We have to consume 300-400 calories food. The following 7-day eating pattern we can do every day: the first days of consuming healthy foods such as fruits and light,

  • a second day of consuming healthy and fresh vegetables
  • the third day of consuming vegetables and fruit in a way the combine into one
  • fourth-day consuming bananas and milk only
  • the fifth day consuming a bowl of red rice with added tomatoes
  • the sixth day consume yogurt and salad
  • the seventh day consume juice combinations such as papaya, guava, strawberry.

6. Avoid Fizzy Drinks

Almost all the people are very fond of drinking fizzy drinks-let alone one is a woman. Women who drink fizzy drinks too often will more likely be affected by obesity, diabetes or osteoporosis. This is because of a sparkling drink lot of sugar in his drink.

7. Stop consuming Junk Food

Fast food calories are mostly derived from fat. In fact, one serving fast food junk food types mainly contains a whole number of calories we need in one day. Do not consume fast food and your weight will be reduced within a week. Junk food can be replaced with chicken is boiled and then in the FRY.

8. Avoid fried foods contain a lot of oil or

Fried foods or that contain a lot of oil may keep trans fats. it, this can cause we can increase cholesterol disease. How to get replace it in cooking uses very little oil.

9. Avoid dinner or Towards bedtime

A lot of people who frequently eat dinner ahead of it, but it's very not recommended by a doctor. because the food was covered in our bodies are not burned to be active, this will cause the onset of fats arising around the body. Replace dinner with a vegetable stew without rice.

10. Avoid Snacks

Almost everyone must be very like the snacks especially women because snacks are capable of with our hungry while. But you guys know the calories that are in almost the same magnitude of snacks if we eat rice. It caused an awful lot of people who frequently consume excess bodied snacks. Replace the snacks with fruit.

11. Eat in small portions

Packed in the number of servings are a little bit can help you diet without exercise, because of the calories we eat will be reduced in the body. Excessive calories and will embossed fat.

12. Chew Eat with smooth

Because the food before entering the digestion will be chewed by teeth first. Chewing with smooth is very beneficial to the stomach, and it did not hurt good digestive as well for us because our food really can be longer.

13. Walk away

For those of you who do not like in a workout, maybe tips on foot can be made a lot of people, especially people who work. That's because of those who do not have time to exercise. Ran is also one of the matching exercises to lose weight.

14. Eat plenty of fiber Foods

Food also plays an important role in fiber to lose weight. To get fiber, we can get them from vegetables, fruits, as well as brown rice that contains lots of fiber.

15. reduce Food Sweet

How to diet without exercise without eating is to reduce your intake of sugary foods. Sugary foods give you energy that is greater than calories or protein. However, the increase of glucose in the body due to sugary foods is also not good for health, particularly for weight loss. We recommend you start now reduce food sweets. Call it like sweet tea, cakes, Donuts, brownies fizzy drinks, and the like.

16. Food containing a Pepper or Pepper

Pepper or pepper can help burn fat there is excessive in the colon while we sleep. The benefits of this also apply to the burning chilies, because they are both spicy and caused a sensation of heat. Therefore, for those of you who like to deal with the bodies no harm in mixing the pepper and chili powder to each food to be consumed. However, if it consumes too much can cause inflammation in the intestines.

Causes of overweight or Obesity

How to diet without exercise a week can reduce the risk of obesity. But did you know the cause of obesity is caused by many factors of food our daily lives? You maybe you often wonder in yourself why your body is bigger than at the people around you. This surely requires special attention, for otherwise, it will greatly affect your health as well as annoying in every activity you do. These factors cause the Agency to begin to dilate and increases:

1. Genetic

Lineage or we often call these genetic, it is one of the factors of overweight as well. You can see the bodies of their parents or other relatives. Maybe you can still change the anatomy of a number of variables, but not with others.

2. Fat

Fat is one of the main factors of weight problems. The body is not ideal every day you consume fatty foods. In the end, your weight starts to widen and increasingly widened.

3. Muscle

Why muscle is one of the reasons? The reason is indeed likely you have big muscles naturally.

4. Due to stand too long and less motion

Excessive standing will only give the load on the calf muscles and give him the compulsion to continuously support the weight of your body. Give it a stretch in a simple manner that is a vast place and seeks shade and then sit with relaxed so that the calf muscles felt loose and no strained again, to avoid a large calf.

5. Too much sitting

Most sit-that is, one of the factors that cause the larger Agency, but the calves can be large or protruding. This is because our spine to seated hampered so the area around the lower body we are getting enlarged.

6. Towards Menstruation in women

At the moment or are experiencing menstruation, hormone estrogen rises. Estrogen serves as insulin, blood sugar drop so easily so hungering much easier. women are experiencing water retention i.e. hold more amounts of water in the body.

7. Sleep during the day

Sleep is a human need to rest, but when we sleep at the time during the day that may have an impact on the overweight. This happens because in the NAP which brings nature, lazy someone, so the people being lazy and didn't want to move.

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