20 Tips How To Eliminate Smelly Feet Naturally and Fast

20 Tips How To Eliminate Smelly Feet Naturally and Fast
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Foot odor is a normal thing that happens when we wear shoes covered in a long time. When we're wearing shoes is not noticeably smells, but when we took off the shoes, we are aware that our feet smell. Still mending when opening his shoes at home? What if in a public place? People around you will surely assume that slob because you people smell your feet that sting.

Awful fun when people around you, assess you as a person because of the stench of filthy sting? Foot odor is indeed can strike anyone. But what the heck causes the smell of feet?
The causes of smelly feet

Use the same shoes every day without drying and cleaning feet before and after wearing the shoes.
Less hygiene good foot hygiene, socks, and shoes.
Hormonal changes that cause sweat production rises. Usually occurs in teens.
Excessive stress. The special condition, hyperhidrosis, where usually a person sweat a lot more than people in General.

If you already have a strong foot odor, you should immediately figure out how to remove the smell of your feet, so you better believe yourself and people around you are no longer plagued by the smell of your feet that sting. Just see below how to eliminate smelly feet sting naturally and fast.
How to eliminate smelly feet naturally by soaking the foot using:

1. Lemon

Lemon is not only useful as a beauty treatment, but also as a medicinal herb that is good for the health of the body. In addition to these benefits, two lemons can also be used as a way of eliminating a powerful foot odor because there is anti-bacterial content that can eradicate the odor-causing bacteria on your feet. It's easy, you need to squeeze out 6 lemons. Then combine with 1 basin of warm water. Soak feet for 15 minutes to allow the foot odor-causing bacteria die

2. Baking soda

Baking soda or soda has proven to eliminate bacteria. Moreover, baking soda is often used by many people as beauty treatments and more. Therefore, the baking soda to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

The trick is to mix baking soda with water glass 1 basin. Wait until baking soda is dissolved. Then soak the feet for hours. Once completed rinse with a clean towel.

3. Gargle

Strange indeed if commonly used mouthwash gargle using mouth and even used as a way of eliminating odor away. This is because the mouthwash was indeed intended to eradicate the bacteria. Therefore the mouthwash is useful as a way of eliminating odor away. Do I simply by mixing mouthwash bottle packaging 250 ml with 1 basin water. Then soak feet for 15 minutes.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar with high acid levels is also effective to kill germs cause of odor on the feet. The trick is to mix the vinegar with 1 glass of water basin and then soak feet for 15 minutes.

5. Salt

How to eliminate smelly feet with salt has many known people. Salt serves to reduce the humidity in the feet and also eradicate the foot odor-causing bacteria. No matter how easy, mix salt with 1 basin of warm water and then soak the stiff for 20 minutes. Do every day.

6. Anti-bacterial Soap

In accordance with its label, anti-bacterial SOAP is intended to eradicate the bacterial cause of health problems in the body smells like feet. You need to diligently clean your feet using anti-bacterial SOAP every day twice a day. Wipe it away with a plumb to the sidelines of your toes.

7. Mint Soap

Mint, as we already know the material is customarily used to refresh the mouth. It is indeed not the usual hell if used on the feet. But in fact with the routine washing of the feet using SOAP mint, then the smell of feet will disappear by itself.

8. Deodorant

How strangely impressed, because we are accustomed to using deodorant on the armpits. However, as we know that is used as a deodorant armpit odor removal, then it can also be used on the feet as a way of eliminating odor away. But of course, you have to tell which deodorant you use for underarm deodorant and used to walk. Diligently use deodorant every time you want to use shoes.

9. Antiperspirant

Please note that antiperspirant and deodorant are two different things. Deodorants only intended to eliminate or prevent body odor only, while antiperspirants are used as body odor causing bacteria-busting and also controlling sweat. Its use is the same as the deodorant, use each time wearing shoes.

10. Deodorizing foot Spray

Of course, as the name suggests, deodorizing foot spray used to remove odors away. Use regularly so smelly feet soon disappeared.

11. Coffee

Coffee beverage consumed as usual indeed busting drowsiness. But not only that, but coffee can also be used as a way of eliminating odor away are effective. The trick is to mix the coffee with the water little by little until cover it then pastes shaped to your feet. Let sit for 15 minutes and then rinse.

12. Tea

The tea was already known by many as the drink with a lot of kinds and properties. Substances contained in tea areas anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial. Therefore the tea can also be used as a way of eliminating odor away are effective. The trick is to wash away that has been brewed with warm water. Do 2 times a day.

13. Cornstarch

Not only useful as an ingredient, cornmeal cake Maker you can use as a way of eliminating a powerful foot odor. How is very easy. You just need to flatten the cornmeal on the feet like when you use powder

14. Lemon

Lemon contains acid and vitamin C levels are high. This content serves as a powerful anti-bacterial and effective. You only need to apply lime that has been divided into your feet evenly. Let stand for a few minutes then rinse.

15. Clean the dead skin on feet regularly

The dead skin that builds up and is not immediately removed from the foot will become the nest odor-causing bacteria away. Therefore the be diligent clean the dead skin on your feet every day. You can remove it by using the scrub.

16. Cut toenails

Toenails are not well preserved will be a place of nesting bacteria causes the smell away. Then be diligent cut your feet so that the bacteria are not nested. Also, clean the edge-edge of toenails.

17. Wash with clean socks

Socks indeed used whenever we want to use a closed shoe. Well, in an enclosed, dank, and less air circulation, socks will be a hotbed of bacteria that are pleasing to breed bacteria causes the smell away. diligent washes socks and should also be certain that You wash it off with clean.

18. Regularly change socks

Do not use socks more than a day, this is because socks are used on shoes that are enclosed, dank, and less air circulation. Change socks every day and even better if a day twice so that the socks did not become a hotbed of bacteria.

19. Use cotton socks

Use cotton socks will make your sweat can be absorbed perfectly. Then the sweat coming out will not stick on your feet and make your feet be smelly.

20. put charcoal in the shoes

Insert charcoal odor eliminating the walkway mountainous terrain avalanches are potent. This is because the charcoal will absorb the smell awful on your shoes. Insert the charcoal in your shoe every time after use and let the shoes overnight.

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