4 Best Times for Snacking If You Don't Want to Increase Weight

InfoHealthyLife.Com - Who doesn't like snacking? Unfortunately, snacking can make the weight up. But don't worry, as long as the time for snacking right, your weight will remain restrained. Curious anytime is the best time for snacking? Check out his review here.
Anytime time to safe snacking for weight loss?

The actual snacking that's not always bad, there are benefits that you can get from this habit. Does it help me?
4 Best Times for Snacking If You Don't Want to Increase Weight
Snacking can provide additional energy so that your body can still do well. But, most people apply these snacking habits with wrong.

Offered from the Women's Health, a study done by Harvard University shows that eating or snacking that does not fit with the circadian rhythm (the body's biological clock) even can make blood sugar levels soaring 18% higher and insulin have to work harder. In addition, the habit of snacking which is not balanced with physical activity can also trigger a rise in weight.

So, when is the best time for snacking? The following time for snacking is best for you.

1. Two to four hours after eating before

The body can work maximum for 2 to 4 hours after a meal. During this time the body digests the food you eat before. After passing the time, you can enjoy snacks that you stored in the refrigerator.

When you resist not eating or snacking more than 4 hours, the metabolism in the body will decrease and the blood sugar will be low. What do you feel then? Yes, you are definitely starving.

This condition can make your appetite peaked and finally eat more servings than it should be. Error time snacking here's what sometimes makes uncontrolled weight gain. Instead of avoiding nighttime snacking, you even eat more than usual.

Usually, this often happens when you are working in the Office or take courses. Well, you avoid the time snacking, provide small foods, such as soy snack. Besides giving you energy, snacks from soy contain high fiber so it could delay hunger until mealtime.

2. After more than one hour of activity, e.g. sport

Sports make the muscles work harder to produce more energy. Especially if done more than an hour. It is important for You to replace the energy lost by the body's calorie food and rebuild muscles that have been damaged by food with protein content. This is the right time for you to snack.

When an activity or exercise which is done in less than an hour with low intensity, you don't need food snacks. You have to wait for hours to eat next.

3. Before bed

Isn't snacking before bed can increase your weight? Not always. Snacking before bed, will not instantly turn into fat and raise your body weight. His best time is several hours after dinner. a small snack before bed can help you sleep better. Provided that, the choice of snack should also note.

4. After breakfast before lunchtime

At around 9 or 10, surely many people feel hungry. Moreover, if breakfast is eaten only a glass of sweet tea sandwiches with jam or cereal just because a late wake-up and rush so couldn't be prepare breakfast. Well, at the critical You may, for snacking. But, if you're eating breakfast include carbohydrates, healthy fats, proteins are complete with fruits or vegetables, you don't need snacks again during the stomach does not feel hungry.

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