4 Ways to Control Your Weight During Your Insulin Routine

InfoHealthyLife.Com - The body of the person with diabetes lack of insulin that keeps their blood sugar levels is always high. That's why some people with diabetes need insulin injections to help keep their blood sugar remained stable. However, many diabetes feels hesitate to regularly undergo insulin therapy due to side effects that can increase the weight. You one of them? Don't worry, here are tips on maintaining weight loss routine should create diabetes for injection of insulin.
How to keep weight off during insulin therapy

4 Ways to Control Your Weight During Your Insulin RoutineWeight gain is a common side effect for diabetes who routinely inject insulin. This tends to happen because the insulin the body makes extra store excess glucose as fat. However, it does not mean You should stop the usage of insulin just for fear of fat. Remember, the benefits will always outweigh the risks that might arise.

To prevent excess weight gain, there are different ways of maintaining the weight you can do so that the stick is ideal for disposable insulin.

1. Consulting a nutritionist

A nutritionist can help diabetes healthy diet plan designed to maintain their weight while still noting the selection menu, nutrition, and calorie intake, as well as setting the portions so as not to aggravate the existing condition.

Doctor nutritionists will also consider a healthy eating plan that suits your condition by first looking at the body mass index (BMI), your overall health status, and the difficulties that you may encounter when dieting and exercise.

If the consulting Dietitians are your plan, it's good to first consult doctors who handle your diabetes so that they can refer you to the right people so as not to interfere with the course of treatment also.

2. Keep your blood sugar steady

Changes in blood sugar levels are very related to weight gain. Therefore you should keep your blood sugar levels steady and increasing insulin sensitivity so that the weight also maintained stably.

This can be achieved by maintaining a sufficient diet, physical activity and sleep time, and avoid stress.

3. Look at the options and the share of food

How to control weight loss diabetic patients who use insulin is burning more calories more than it consumed. However, it does not mean the patient is allowed to skip meals.

Skipping a meal could make a bigger appetite so You eat more. This causes the blood sugar shot up suddenly. So, don't eat until you pass the time if have diabetes

"When the blood sugar is low, the body will give the signal that you are hungry. In this situation, the diabetic patient can overcome it with a snack containing 15 grams of carbohydrates to increase sugar levels, "explained Don McClain, MD, PhD, a Professor of internal medicine specialists, Endocrinology and metabolism, who teaches at Faculty of medicine, Traditional Science Institute, as reported by the from pages Everyday Health.

Food choices should also be heeded. Avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar and processed foods. However, multiple eating fruit, vegetables, nuts, wheat germ, or yogurt.

4. Choose the appropriate physical activity

Best way to burn the excess calories is to exercise. Physical activity can also help increase insulin sensitivity and nourish the heart.

The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise per week for adults. That means You can do 30 minutes of exercise five times a week.

Options sports safe for diabetic people maintain their weight among others, jogging, cycling, swimming, relaxing, path or follow the gymnastics.

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