5 Easy Resolutions for a Healthier Life In The Year 2019

5 Easy Resolutions for a healthier Life in the year 2019
InfoHealthyLife.Com - The year 2019 is already in sight. You certainly have a new years resolution to be achieved. For example want to climb the ladder of career, traveling to new places, or even want to live more healthy? All can be reached, there origin determination and a strong effort. Roughly, what kind of new year's resolutions that can make life so much more healthy and happy?
New year's resolution to live healthy and happy

1. Healthy Diet

Undergo a diet is not always a matter of limiting the menu, serving, and meals. You need to know that the meaning of the actual diet is a diet that becomes a habit and lifestyle.

Diet is said to be healthy if you can get used to eating nutritious food variety and balance. It is not difficult, really. You can start by reducing the eating sugar and replace it with the fruit as a snack or drink fruit juice instead of carbonated drinks or original sweet tea.

You can also try to cook it yourself at home to make sure the menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner you are more assured of cleanliness, freshness, and value of its nutrition value. Search for recipes that are simple and easy!

Don't forget to start avoiding fried foods, foods that are too salty, fatty foods, sweet drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

2. Stop smoking

Smoking is already proven can cause many health problems, even death is permanent, but unfortunately there are still many who smoke. The proof more than 36.3% of the population of Indonesia is currently the active smokers. That means more than a third of the total population people of world.

Come on, make quitting smoking as part of your new year's resolution to live healthier! Although quitting smoking is difficult does not mean impossible. Try starting with replacing Your cigarette packs with a packet of chewing gum. So the desire to smoke appears, immediately chew candy you.

more often also a toothbrush. In addition to create extrude unpleasant mouth odor, you will certainly feel shame, right, is fouled back a clean mouth fragrance?

There are many other ways to help you stop smoking. Starting from the simple tricks like above, with regular exercise, to ask for the help of doctors and therapists. That is important, your intentions are strong for stop of smoking!

3. Sleep enough

Many people underestimate the importance of sleep enough and more prioritizing work. In fact, the effects of sleep deprivation for the physical and psychological health You should not be underestimated. Lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity, heart disease, stroke, high blood, until the depression. Creepy, isn't it?

Thus, when in the year 2018 is hours of sleep You mess, start the fix in the year 2019. Remember, every healthy adults need at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep well and enough been proven critical to maintaining the health of the body from the inside.

To begin with, you could first try:

Install an alarm when You have to go and get out of bed every day. Ideally, you've gotta sleep at approximately 11 o'clock in the night and woke up at 6 am to May 7 hours of sleep.
Keep the gadget and electronic equipment from the bedroom.
Create the atmosphere of the bedroom cool, dark, and comfortable.
More details, read the Guide to healthy sleep hygiene of Hello. Trying to do the routine in the first month in the year 2019 and feel the changes.

4. Lots of water

Not everyone likes to drink water because it tastes fresh. However, water storing a myriad of benefits make your health, lho!

So if you for 2018 then prefer to get some coffee or drink energy drinks, should begin to change the habits in the year 2019. Sugar in sweetened drinks can lead to many health problems.

Tips for drinking enough water each day is getting used the contents of the bottle to drink at night and put it near the mattress so that you can directly drink before sleep and after you wake up in the morning. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and every time you feel thirsty.

5. Get off the weight

Down weight loss new year's resolution is pursued by almost everyone every time the turn of the year. It's also not impossible.

You can start from the fourth resolution above coupled with the intention of regular 30 minutes exercise for 5 times a week. Undoubtedly you will get an ideal body weight in the year 2019.

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