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7 Benefits of Sperm for Ladies and Gentlemen

7 Benefits of Sperm for Ladies and Gentlemen
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Semen which carries sperm have to fertilize the egg so that the man can thrive breed. At least, that is the benefits of semen is known by many people. But in addition to having the function of fertilizing the egg cells, semen turns out to save a wide range of other benefits. Benefits semen can be felt by both men and women!
The Content Of Semen

Semen or semen is expelled through the penis liquid that when men ejaculate after reach orgasm. Inside semen contained sperm cells and many other compounds. Compounds contained in semen includes minerals, vitamins, hormones, and enzymes.

Some of the compounds in the semen is like calcium, chloride, citric acid, glucose, fructose, lactate acid, magnesium, potassium, sodium, urea, zinc, spermidine, and protein. While the hormones contained in semen is like oxytocin, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, serotonin, melatonin, and many more.
Benefits Semen for women and men. The content of semen is indeed composed of many compounds that are needed by the body. Based on various studies, here are the many benefits of semen to women and men that must be known!

1. Sources of antioxidants

Benefits semen the first is as a source of antioxidant. Various compounds in the semen can act as antioxidants start of oxytocin, progesterone, NGF (nerve growth factor), melatonin, vitamin C, glutathione, and many more other compounds.

The antioxidant content is very important for preventing oxidative stress which is a condition in which the content of free radicals already over the limit tolerance the body. Unfortunately, until now, there has not been researched which shows how percent content of antioxidants in semen can meet the needs of the overall antioxidant.

2. Overcome anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorder or anxiety disorder is a mental disorder characterized by anxiety, fear, and worry that excessive. Benefits semen the second is can overcome the anxiety disorder. Some of the hormones contained in the semen like oxytocin and serotonin, progesterone is the hormone anti-anxiety that can decrease the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

In addition, anxiety disorders are also very likely to be caused by oxidative stress. So if we can prevent oxidative stress, then the disturbance anxiety can also be prevented.

3. Preventing stress (Natural Antidepressants)

Benefits semen and the third is to prevent stress. The fact that semen can overcome anxiety disorders proved that the semen can be a natural antidepressant. A study on a group of women also suggests that women who have sex without condoms have risk depression.

4. Improve cognitive function

Benefit sperm or semen is able to improve the cognitive function of the brain. Previously mentioned that semen contains nerve growth factor or NGF. NGF has a big role in the growth, maintenance, and defense of neurons. If the levels of NFG awake, then so is the cognitive function of the brain.

NGF levels in the body may be decreased due to stress, obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and other bodily conditions. Boost NFG can be done by means of swallow sperm. In addition, conditions such as falling in love or yoga exercises can also improve the NFG.

5. Lower the risk of preeclampsia

Lowers the risk of preeclampsia is one of the benefits of sperm to women. Preeclampsia is a complication of pregnancy marked by high blood pressure. This condition can be dangerous for pregnant women. When a pregnant woman swallowing cum, then women may be more tolerant of protein contained in the sperm. This is the one who can lower the risk of preeclampsia.

Although it can lower the risk of preeclampsia, it is unknown whether semen can prevent or overcome high blood pressure caused by other factors besides pregnancy.

6. Prevent inflammation and infection

Benefits semen is able to address the inflammation and prevent infection. Some compounds such as oxytocin, progesterone, cortisol, and NGF is a bitter taste compound. In addition, the protein content in semen also has antimicrobial activity that is quite high, so that semen has the benefit of being able to prevent infections due to bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

7. Prevent hair loss

The benefits of the latter are the sperm can prevent hair loss. There are compounds of spermidine in the sperm that is believed to be able to strengthen the hair shaft and speed up hair growth. Spermidine can also be known to stimulate the primary cells that affect hair growth.
How To Get The Benefits Of Semen

How to get sperm for women and men is certainly different. Get the cum the men could have done with a technique called with ejaculating. This technique is the opposite of ejaculation, i.e. when the semen is not expelled from the body, but instead were absorbed into the body.

Injaculating believed good for men because the semen is absorbed into the blood so that it can suggest the various benefits of semen as mentioned above. This is the only way how to get the benefits of semen for men.

As for the benefits of sperm or semen to women, it can be done in several ways, namely swallow sperm, such as through anal, sexual intercourse without condoms, or maybe by way of sublingual (let the semen was under the tongue for some time before swallowing).

The way that is considered the most effective of the four-way is if your semen goes into the body through the vagina with sexual intercourse without a condom. While the oral way through is considered less effective because much of the content of semen that is considered to be neutralized when it goes into the stomach.

The information about the benefits of semen for men and women. Semen does have numerous benefits for health. But keep in mind that the existence of such benefits does not make the semen can be used as medicine. If you have a health related complaints, immediately consult a doctor to get a follow-up action.

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