7 Benefits of a Used Teabag Pouch for Eyes (how to useful life)

7 Benefits of a Used Teabag Pouch for Eyes (how to useful life)
InfoHealthyLife.Com - You often drink tea, but the former dip it in tea bags You waste? Unfortunately, when a used teabag pouch can still be utilized. The tea bags you can use as a treatment to overcome various disorders of the eye. What are the benefits of Teabag Pouch for eyes and how life? Check out his review here.
Benefits of Teabag Pouch for eyes. Using a used tea bag for home-based treatment is a natural choice. However, do not wear any type of teabag. We recommend using a bag the former black tea, white tea, or green tea. Herbal tea as well you can use, for example, Rooibos tea chamomile tea, jasmine tea, and the tea leaves of mint.
Some of the benefits of the former phonecards for eye care, as reported by of Healthline, include:

1. Reduce inflammation or swelling of the eyes

The content of flavonoids, namely one of the antioxidants and tannins in black tea and green tea has a positive effect on puffy eyes. The content also helps keep the skin around the eyes stays toned.

In addition, caffeine can narrow your blood vessels in the tissues so as to reduce the swelling. In addition, you can also use chamomile tea to soothe an inflamed eye.

2. Help cure red eyes

The tea of calendula, chamomile tea, anise tea and have the potential to relieve the symptoms of red-eye. This tea can help remove excess fluid that drains from the eye, as well as reduces swelling and irritation. While green tea has antimicrobial properties, meaning it could ward off bacteria that cause irritation and redness.

3. Disguise dark circles on the eyes

Sleep deprivation usually causes the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Dark circles eye aka panda is certainly interfere with your appearance. Using black tea or green tea containing caffeine could expedite the return of blood vessels around the eyes and mask the dark circles that appear.

4. Relieve eye stye.

Stye eyes are usually marked by the appearance of small bumps on the edge of eyelids. Using black tea and chamomile tea is beneficial for treating clots and has antibacterial properties so as to prevent irritation to the eyes.

5. Addressing the symptoms of rosacea on the eyes

The skin disease rosacea common and often spreads to the area around the eyes. Using lavender tea, chamomile tea, and green tea can reduce rosacea symptoms such as redness and irritation.

6. Damming dry eye

If you frequently travel using Your two-wheeled vehicle or a day of work in an air-conditioned room, the dry eye becomes one of the complaints. Black tea can help retain moisture and reduce dry eye.

7. Overcoming the eyes of hematoma

Hematoma, swelling, or bruising on the eye can be treated with tea-lavender and chamomile tea. The tea helps relieve bleeding in and soothe skin irritation and relieves pain.

Although some types of tea that have been mentioned has content that is able to cope with the disorders of the eyes, further research is still needed. Consult Your doctor first if you have a condition of the eye disorders to avoid unwanted side effects.

How is life?

Utilizing a used teabag pouch for the eyes is very easy. First, use a teabag as usual to make tea, then grab the tea bag and squeeze the water so that is not too wet. Let stand to cool tea bags or store in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes.

Then, attach the tea bags on your eyes covered while performing a soft massage with the fingers around the eye area. Do it for 15-30 minutes. Do not attach the Teabag Pouch to the eye while it is still hot, because it will irritate your eyes.

Caution in using Teabag Pouch used because the eye is a sensitive area. For that, look at Your hand with hygiene always wash your hands before doing maintenance. In addition, remove Your makeup in advance, especially on the part of the eye.

Make sure the former tea pouches that you'd like to use a pretty clean and not torn. Shears the rod, so that part doesn't bother. Avoid the tea bag to a point using staples. During the process of treatment, do not rub Your eyes or touch to avoid irritation to the eyes. When a POPs itchiness or hot, stop the treatment immediately and see a doctor.

Remember, these home remedies can not replace a visit to the doctor or medicines that already given doctor. You should also consult the physician's eyes prior to utilizing a used teabag pouch to resolve various complaints on the eyes.

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