7 How To Quickly And Easily Solve Practical Stress

7 How To Quickly And Easily Solve Practical Stress
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Difficult to avoid stressful indeed today. There's just that makes the stress finally comes to the surface. The sales target is still far from achievement, long queues in the list of Your deadlines, traffic jams, bills to women that undermines. You need practical measures to tackle stress quickly. Yes, it's because you don't have time to do a protracted cool-down activity. We've been getting a number of easy ways and only took 5 minutes to drive away the ghost of the stress from your head.

1. Stress-free in 5 minutes

According to Naomi Ernawati, m. Psi, a psychologist of the clinic's Light House, your problem could be resolved by the two approaches – directly resolve your problem or first managing emotions.
Stress, he said, could be addressed with two approaches. First, someone resolves the problem or directly address the first emotion. "Overcoming emotions first did not resolve the problem directly. This is indeed only to overcome his emotions used to be so that we don't stress. It could also go directly to the problem, is indeed, all depends on the situation that causes of stress, "explains Naomi. For example, You experience stress because Your boss gives additional tasks, whereas the previous task has not been completed. Well, to address the stress that You can cope with turbulent emotions first, then tackle the source of the problem. At least, by first managing emotions, you could see your load with more clear – determines the scale of priorities and resolve your issues one by one with ease.

2. A Lot Of Drinking Of Mineral Water

Many people drink the beverage with a stressful vent that contains alcohol such as beer, wine and so on. Those who do this think the drink is capable of being a ' drug ' efficaciously stress repellent. Indeed the drink can give the effect of quiet but is merely temporary. When the effects of the alcohol disappeared, then the stress will come back.

When depressed, the good condition of much mineral water consumption, even more, help to reduce tension. Unwitting stress resulting in body fluids will be reduced so that these conditions cause a sense of weary on the body. Therefore, by drinking plenty of water minerals can overcome a lack of fluid body condition. At a time when body fluids recovered, then the perceived sense of weary will start to fade, with such stress can be resolved.

3. Prepare the sweet next to you

All right, you choose the direct approach to the subject matter when faced with stress. See the long queue in the list of deadlines, you decide to work overtime. It does not matter. That's important, prepare Your weaponry. Make yourself enjoy the process of completing the job queue. With enjoy it, You will be able to deploy the entire ability to finish the job fits your expectations.
Difficult? We help you to make it easier. Prepare gum in your desk drawer. Chewing gum can make you relax and make it easier to cope with stress. "Why chewing gum make can relax? That's because the activity of chewing increases blood flow to the brain. Then, also make a sweet mood so better so as to make the body so relaxed, "says Naomi. Do not like chewing gum? You can also eat chocolate. "Something sweet that enough can reduce stress, most just don't," said Naomi.

4. Go outside

This is the approach that could be a backup plan when your approach above is not effective. When you've felt unable to complete the stack work left, rest first. You can go out of the Office, sit in the garden, inhale deeply, seeing beautiful women who cross in front of Your office building.
Go to the outdoors, according to Naomi, a powerful tool to reduce stress and make the brabackwatersers. "The source of the stress that normally is in the Office. So go to the outside of the room is an effective way to take a break, "urainya. Whether to be out of the Office to relieve stress? Not too. You can find a quiet room. For example, in the toilet or in a quiet room for five to 15 minutes.

5. Smile before you mad

This might sound like a crazy suggestion. But believe me that smile – even to yourself – can make your mood better, said Naomi. "When you smile, the muscles that move so much less, while at present face scowled, it requires the muscles more. Even smiling also helps the heart rate so lower. So physiologically, smiling indeed can make the mood so much the better, "the light of Naomi.
So when a pile of work that starts to make you blasted the stress and loss of sanity, it may also make you go back and forth to the toilet because of abdominal pain, stop the mirror on your way back to your desk and Smile on yourself .

6. Avoid Foods High In Carbohydrate

"When are stressed, I eat a lot." Not a few who admit that eating a lot is a great way of relieving stress. Unfortunately, especially the consumption of foods containing high carbohydrate is strongly discouraged in any condition, including while going through stress. carbohydrate foods high high insulin levels stimulate the body. As a result, the body becomes quickly fatigued and bad mood which can only add to the stress.

7. Exercise

You may wonder, how can people stress and even told to exercise? Don't get me wrong, with sports is not only able to nourish the body, but also strengthens the soul. Stress is a form of emotional disorder. Then the sport can become an option to resolve it.

That can be explained scientifically by exercising, the body will increase the production of the hormone endorphin which is able to provide a relaxing effect on the mind. In addition, the sport also mobilizes the muscles, accelerates blood circulation, and open the lungs to pick up oxygen much more. Thus, the condition of the body become stable and healthier.

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