9 Natural and Fast Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars

9 Natural and Fast Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Acne scars often become a serious problem for many people. Body Acne on the face often leaves a black stain, so as to reduce confidence in the band. Actually, how to remove acne scars naturally?

How To Remove Acne Scars Naturally
The incidence of acne on the face we certainly have become a big issue, especially if the stain of the former acne hard omitted. Surely you will be looking for how to get rid of acne, right?

There are many natural ingredients busting acne scars that you can choose, even very easily obtained. She is the choice of how to remove acne scars naturally with their way of life:

1. Olive oil as an ingredient is a powerful acne scars removal

Material removal of acne scars is the first olive oil. No need to worry because olive oil belongs to cheap, but the quality is plentiful for the skin.

Why should the olive oil?

It turns out that contain vitamin E and antioxidants that are quite high. The second substance is certainly very good to repair skin cells, including acne scars to remove stains.

Any easy way to use, i.e. only need:

Apply olive oil to taste on the surface of the face evenly
Let stand about 15-20 minutes
Rinse until clean
How to remove acne scars naturally from this one should be done on a regular basis so that the results are immediately felt.

2. Yoke, how to remove acne scars at once brighten the face

As it known during this time, Yam bean believed can make the face becomes fresh and white. Did you know that jicama can also be used as a way of removing acne scars naturally?

Yes, with the vitamin C found in Yam bean, then the process of wound healing can be faster. In addition, the compound beta-carotene and vitamin A of his ever serve as antioxidants. How to use the jicama to the face is very easy:

Mashed Yam bean to taste
Paste evenly on the face (made into a mask)
Let stand about 15 minutes
Rinse until clean and wipe the face using a dry towel

3. Lemon contains vitamin C to get rid of acne scars

How to naturally remove acne scars is the next with the use of lime. Vitamin C is high enough on the lime turns out to be able to regenerate the cells in the skin of our faces, especially the acne scars.
This is how:
  • Clean face
  • Squeeze lemon 1-2
  • Apply lemon juice to the water all the surface of the face
  • Let stand for 20-30 minutes
  • Rinse the face using warm water

4. Cinnamon, spices right as for how to remove acne scars naturally

Spice this one apparently is busting acne scars that are classified as very powerful. Guaranteed acne scars will disappear instantly!

This is caused by the presence of antimicrobial content in the cinnamon roll to fight and eradicate acne.

Here's how to remove acne scars naturally with cinnamon:

Prepare a 1 tsp of cinnamon and honey.
Combine and stir until it resembles a paste
Apply on the pimple before going to bed
Rinse the face using warm water when waking up

5. Foundation of the granulated sugar scrub with mixed honey

This sweetener is not only tasty but also can be a way of removing acne scars that are potent. Related to this, you need to make granulated sugar as a facial scrub.

Later, this sugar scrub will raise the dead skin cells and also stain black acne scars. This is what you should do:

Prepare 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp olive oil
Mix until it forms a paste
Apply and massage into the stain of acne scars (did about 5 minutes)
Rinse with warm water to clean your face

6. Mint leaves give the sensation of fresh by inhibiting the production of oil

Did You Know?
It turns out the mint leaves are rich in vitamin A which is capable of acting as a stain of acne scars. Vitamin A serves to control oil production in the skin and keep it soft.

How to remove acne scars naturally with mint leaves:
  • Prepare a few strands of mint leaves
  • Crush the mint leaves and strain to get sari-Sari
  • Apply the juice mint leaves at blemishes of acne scars
  • Let stand until completely mongering or about 30 minutes
  • Clean your face with a cold water rinse.

7. Potato make acne scars gone in 3 days!

Not only is tasty to eat, but the potato is also the choice of the right acne scar removal. The mineral content and make his potatoes were able to stain fades acne scars.

Guaranteed easy!

You only need to:

Thin-thin cut potato to taste
Paste on the surface of the face (especially the existing acne blemishes)
Let stand for 15-30 minutes
Rinse the face using warm water

8. Ice cubes, the material removal of acne scars that are free and easy

How to remove acne scars naturally is next is using ice cubes. If discovered, it's pretty much the usefulness of ice cubes for skin care and in fact, can eliminate acne scars.

Of course, this is how to remove acne scars are the easiest and not have to pay the costs. Then, what to do?

Here's how to naturally remove acne scars with ice cubes:

Create your own ice cubes of boiled water (recommended to use ice mold)
Take the 1-2 ice cubes and wrap using a clean cloth
Compress ice cubes to the taint of acne scars for 2-3 minutes and repeat a few times.

9. Avocado + honey as a proper combination of removing acne scars

Have the delicacy, avocado also obviously is natural acne scar removal. The fruit of this one contains nutrients that are able to banish the UV rays that are aggravating the blemishes of acne scars.

Then, why should be mixed with honey?

Also, be aware that honey can help regenerate your skin so that the stain of acne scars will disappear more quickly. Therefore, the combination of both will be very right!

Here's how to remove acne scars use avocado and honey:
  • Prepare a fruit ripe avocado
  • Separate the flesh and puree in a container
  • Combine the 1-2 spoon honey (can also be added the juice of a lemon)
  • Apply the mixture on the face area breakouts
  • Let stand 15-30 minutes
  • Clean the face using plain water and wipe with a clean towel
  • Well, how to naturally remove acne scars which would you choose? Actually, you can just do some of them by means of hose pulsating.

All how to remove acne scars naturally above should be done regularly in order to get maximum results. In addition, make sure the ingredients are also busting acne scars that are selected should still fresh (fruit).

Keep in mind also that the result would not be directly visible in a one-time usage. Therefore, you are advised to do so routinely, a minimum period of two weeks.

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