9 Tips For Starting a Pattern Of Healthy Living

9 Tips For Starting a Pattern Of Healthy Living
InfoHealthyLife.Com - We often hear the term  "started a pattern of healthy living ", but that term was only signed in right ear left ear and exited by the majority of society Indonesia aka is not considered serious.

This can be seen from the habit of the majority community that Indonesia is not keeping up with correct their health, such as smoking habit, not paying attention to the food consumed, and the sanitation conditions are inadequate, especially in remote areas.

Thus, to start a healthy life pattern should begin from the consciousness of its own. Indeed, to change habits is not easy. However, if based on the intention to make our lives healthier, the sacrifice must be made. To that end, we have 10 tips that can help you start a healthier life.

1. Eat healthy foods

Reason: survey shows community efforts, Indonesia adopt healthy eating patterns are still limited to the basic knowledge to increase your intake of water (80%), vegetables and fruits (67%). That's why a lot of people who are obese and Indonesia are at risk of developing diabetes.

Solution: the solution we just eat food with balanced nutrition. Calculate calorie needs and your activity so that no excess calories. Avoid greasy food that could lead to cholesterol and heart disease. In order to make you healthier, trying to bring supplies to the Office and find a healthy following his nutritional content of menu on page meal plan or the nutrients Your magazine Edition of the tipa.

2. Regular exercise

Reason: Percentage of society in Indonesia who exercises regularly increased from 57% in 2011 become 65% in 2013. This is a positive development, but 35% of the adult community in Indonesia is still not exercising regularly.

The amount of time spent exercising each week has increased from 2.1 hours per week in the year 2011 be 2.2 hours per week in the year 2013. But it still is below the regional average amount of 3 hours per week, which is also recommended by the experts.

"While the WHO recommendation for adults (18-64 years) to physical activities are aerobics is a total 150 minutes when the intensity are 75 minutes and when the intensity of weight per week," says Dr. Grace Tumbelaka, SpKO, specialist medicine Sports of the RS.

Doctor Grace continue, based on a recent study in science courses of MEDICINE, sports medicine for workers in Indonesia are doing less than 8000 a day are at risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome.

Solution: If people are already branded himself busy, the sport is as easy as any help certainly do. There is some tip for a physical or physical exercise are aerobic in the workplace.

"You can perform step exercise wear stair steps of the stairs, a lot of walking rather than riding the elevator or escalator," explains Dr. Grace. So after reading this article, you should be prepared for more often give priority to the emergency stairs rather than the elevator.

3. Keep the environment clean

The reason: a new survey says, 46% of society Indonesia that environmentally conscious clean and maybe you include in it. But, this percentage is proportional to the average regional, i.e. 60%.

Everyone is aware of the environment dirty source of various diseases. The fact, the slightest level of diseases caused by dirty environment, call it diarrhea which could make Your commute a toilet. Sad, you are not inevitable from the dirty environment. Not all of the public spaces you visit hygienic your home.

Solution: keep the environment clean back to human consciousness. Can be started with throwaway trash in its place. While in public spaces, you are the main character of your health.

4. enough Sleep

Reason: Indonesia Community want to get bedtime for 7.8 hours, but can only realize 6.8 hours alone each day. Gap bedtime it's only different thin with a number of regional averages at 1.2 hours.

"The three basic components of health i.e., routine exercise, nutrients balanced as well as lucrative a healthy sleep. Unfortunately, healthy sleep, which should be the basis for a healthy lifestyle is often overlooked. Whereas health sleep determines fitness for exercise as well as the effectiveness of the metabolism of nutrients we eat. Of the three components of health, sleep is the basis underpinning the two other components, "said Dr. Andreas Prasadja, RPSGT, sleep physicians from RS Mitra Kemayoran.

Solution: start to prioritize health sleep! Due to the ability of the brain to determine productivity and physical ability to resist disease and physical performance of seed for a workout just constructed by the bed.

No one else in the world of substance that could replace the restorative effects of sleep. Want longevity? Slim and healthy? Productive and successful? Note health sleep! Enough need 7-9 hours of sleep per day.

"The main way to be changed is the public awareness of the importance of health. Start entering sleep in daily schedules. Start connecting the decline in productivity, decrease physical performance and creativity with health bed. Example, when a fresh idea seems hard to come by, or when often makes ridiculous errors, we do not associate it with the health of our sleep. Or when there are physical complaints such as headaches or durability of the body decreases as well, "explains Dr. Andreas.

5. Keep clean hands

The reason: there are only about 40% of the community are aware of Indonesia hand washing hygiene. Whereas, when packed, the hand is a mediator object out with organs in humans.

Solutions: advice from the US was prepared to hand Sanitizer. The hand is the mediator between the body with germs or bacteria that cannot be realized touched in public spaces. For example, when you push the cart supermarket or restaurant menu to open the book? Who knows.

6. Patterns of work

Reason: the current working patterns identical to the flurry of wonderful. It makes you sit in front of a computer all day. One thing you should notice is the attitude of the sitting during work. When you sit down, lean body with attitude as to leaning forward could make bone structure changing into a hunchback.

Solution: Fix Your sitting posture. First, position the rear head, Chin, ear flap, hips, and shoulders must be parallel. Second, use headphones and avoid the use of a telephone. When it is required to wear an ordinary telephone, do not clamp the phone in between Chin and shoulder for too long.

Third, the angled elbow should form an angle of 90 degrees. Fourth, a fully adjustable seat holder with a high waist and must support the spinal column completely.

Fifth, a distant view of the eye should be adapted to the computer screen, that is between 18-24 centimeters high visibility, with a third of the computer screen. Sixth, hips and thighs should form an angle of 90 degrees, with the soles of the feet sticking straight on the floor.

7. Time management

Reason: regularity of the time in support life healthy life patterns. You need to set up when you have to eat, rest, and exercise. When you regularly in performing these activities, then You always make time to balance between the mind with the body.

"It means the entire psychic activity conducted individual with thinking – for example – in work supported by physical activity," said Rani Agias Fitri, M.Si., psychologists of the Psychological Services Centre Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta.

Solution: To make an order in life, you need to design a schedule. This can be done in writing or thought. "The time portion needs to be made between the psychic and physical activity," connect the Rani.

8. Take off stress

Reason: Indonesia Community tends to do a passive activity to release stress. It is most often do is watch TV. This trend goes back to the individual because of the nature of personal stress.

"But generally, the stress can be released by means of catharsis. Through the catharsis of man let go of all tension is felt and any shape varies depending on each individual, "said Rani.

Solution: the person with the nature of the closed-off stress by screaming on the beach. "But people who have an interest will be one thing also have different ways of catharsis, for example, he was fond of exercise so get off his stressful with exercise like swimming or hit the boxing. If he is the type of person who has an interest in music, will release stress with singing or listening to music out loud, "said Rani.

9. the periodic medical examination

The reason: many people are reluctant to perform a medical examination because their costs are expensive. Nine out of ten adults say they would be more regular medical checks when the cost is not too expensive.

It looks clear that awareness of the importance of the value of health is not yet owned by the community so that the medical examination has not been made a priority. In General, they need a new doctor if you already feel the existence of the complaint himself sick.

Health cannot be measured only from myself who feel the absence of a complaint, or of parts of the body feels pain. Many diseases that don't cause any symptoms initially, and it turns out that when detected, it's too late and it becomes difficult to be cured.

In fact, it is often heard that a relative or friend who suddenly suffered from heart disease, stroke, or sudden death.

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