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Can Sunlight Reduce Cholesterol?

Can Sunlight Reduce Cholesterol?
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Sunlight can indeed provide many health benefits, notably appearing in the morning. In fact, based on research conducted experts of Jehangir Hospital, Pune, India, as well as the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Manchester, United Kingdom mentioned that sunlight can help lower blood cholesterol levels. How does this happen?

How sunlight lowers cholesterol

According to a study involving 200 respondents of this man-sex, vitamin D could provide health benefits for the body's cholesterol levels. This fact came to light after the participant is asked to often enjoy morning sunlight for six months. The result is a participant, do tend to experience a decrease in cholesterol levels significantly.

In a study published the results in the journal entitled Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism is a researcher Vivek Patwardhan and colleagues from Jehangir Hospital calls the phenomenon a deficiency of vitamin D or a deficiency of vitamin D intake occurs in many countries, including in countries that are likely to be frequently exposed to the Sun such as India, the Middle East, and in tropical countries. Usually, this is caused by lifestyle changes that might make many people indoors and hard to enjoy the sunshine in the morning.

Coupled with the existence of a fear of developing cancer of the skin, a lot of people who increasingly avoid sunlight and thus are consuming supplements vitamin d. in fact, benefit from sunshine in the morning is actually much more useful.

"We are researching the impact of sunlight in men with age 40 to 60 years in India. The study lasted for two years. The result was the morning sunlight can help lower cholesterol levels, "said another researcher, Anuradha Khaldika.

Good for diabetics?

Meanwhile, other studies conducted in Iran produce facts that morning sunlight is good for diabetics because it can make the production of insulin in the body is getting better. This certainly will help the body to process blood glucose better.

In a study involving 90 people who already suffer from type 2 diabetes, they were asked to consume vitamin D for 12 weeks. The result is, the participants had blood sugar levels better.

The same fact is also expressed by Esther Krug, MD of Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, which is in the United States. According to Krug, vitamin D could provide positive benefits in terms of control of pancreatic beta cells, the cells that produce insulin. In addition, another study published in Diabetes Care also produced the fact that low vitamin D intake would make us more vulnerable exposed pre-diabetic and pre-hypertension.

Another benefit of sunshine

In addition to lowering cholesterol, health experts say that there are an awful lot of other health benefits we can get if it is often exposed to the rays of the morning sun. Here are the benefits.

1. Good for brain health

Exposure to sunlight in the morning it turns out will help the release of endorphin hormones in the brain that will make us feel happy. This will positively impact for mental health and brain function.

2. Good for blood conditions

Because it can lower cholesterol levels in the blood, the blood circulation will be smoother so that we will not easily be affected by problems in the cardiovascular organs.

3. Good for the health of a nail

The sunlight is rich in vitamin D are able to make smoother blood circulation, including leading the skin or nails. This will make our nails still look healthy and beautiful. The skin will also not be easily exposed to beauty problems.

4. Good for bone health

Vitamin D may help maintain bone strength, prevent hair loss, and improve menstrual cycle effectively.

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