Choice of Routine Sports for Disabled Wheelchair Users

Choice of Routine Sports for Disabled Wheelchair Users
Have physical limitations and must use a wheelchair not be the end of your activity. Use a wheelchair is not an obstacle for the activity, including sport.

You still can do sports like the others. However, it does have certain limitations in any sport you do. You can do light exercise like stretching exercises.

Stretching exercises for people who use wheelchairs

A wheelchair is one of the tools for people no longer able to walk with feet. Wheelchair sharing reasons everyone is different. It could be because of the age of an increasingly aging, accident or injury, amputation, or because of certain diseases. Some diseases which allow patients to use a wheelchair, among others, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Parkinson's.

Most wheelchair users more often use the upper body, especially the arms and shoulders. This will cause pressure or strain on joints and muscles. Then, wheelchair users often experiencing shoulder pain.
Therefore, you need to strengthen your back and stretch your chest muscles by doing stretching exercises.

Stretching exercises can be the best choice of sports for wheelchair users. This was done to build strength and improve the movement of patients. When done with the other treatments, this exercise can reduce pain and improve the fitness of wheelchair users.

Choice of stretching exercises for people who use wheelchairs

Stretching exercises to increase strength, the range of motion, and the resilience of the people who use wheelchairs. Here are a few options to do stretching exercises at home.

Shoulder Openers

This movement gives a good stretch for the muscles of the shoulders and the chest. This helps maintain mobility (movement) of shoulder and upper limb to reduce pain and injury.

How to do it:
  • If possible, remove Your wheelchair arms
  • Sit comfortably and stretch your hands wider than shoulder while holding a broom or a stick (as if willing the pull-up)
  • Lift the brooms on the head with both hands and straightens your arm
  • Pull your arm back until you feel the stretch
  • Hold it for 5 seconds, return to starting position, and repeat as many as 10 times
  • Do every day

Lat pulldowns

This exercise is useful for strengthening the muscles of the back, upper arms, and core. How to do it:
  • Disconnect Your wheelchair arms if possible
  • Hang the resistance band on a strong pole or fence with a height exceeding Your sitting position
  • Sitting in front of a resistance band
  • Raise your hand and straightens, slightly exceeds the width of the shoulders
  • Pull the band closely towards you and hold elbows fixed width
  • Pull the band toward your chest, so that your back muscles feel stretched, then return to starting position
  • Repeat this movement as much as 15 times and rest 1 minute in 3 sets
  • Do it once a day

Hand cycling

This exercise is not just useful for the arms and shoulders, but also beneficial to heart health and fitness of your body thoroughly. This exercise can also increase Your heart rate and diaphoretic.

The movement is almost the same as the lat pull down, but move the band like he was pedaling a bicycle. Do during the 5-30 minutes. Break first if you feel sick or out of breath. Repeat this movement one time a day.

Exercise Tips for people who use wheelchairs

Do a sport that you like.  If you are not accustomed to exercising or not exercise is long, try to start slowly. You can try the sport for about 10 minutes and then increase by up to 20 minutes.

If the sport you do cause pain, stop immediately and check with your doctor. Always consult with your doctor before starting to exercise or want to replace other types of sports. Especially if you have heart problems, muscle injury, dizziness, vertigo, or high blood pressure.

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