Frequently Intimate Relationships Make a Fat Body? Check out the following facts!

Frequently Intimate Relationships Make a Fat Body? Check out the following facts!
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Sex have trusted the community has many benefits for both spouses. In addition to human biological needs, the benefits of an intimate relationship, in fact, can also be used as medicine stress often experienced by each person. In addition, the main benefit of a sexual relationship is getting the offspring. However, according to some intimate relationships make fat or sex fat.
Is it true that sex makes body fat?

Many say if the more intimate relationships often do, then the better it also benefits given intimate relationships. Is it so?

The supposition is correct it is. Then no wonder the experts advocated sex married couples to do intercourse on a regular basis, at least 4 times a week.

Well, speaking of sexual problems, this time a rumor recently said if too often do an intimate relationship would risk gain weight so that the body becomes more obese. Then what weight to have sex with someone?

A previous note, sexuality is very related to hormones. The hormone itself could not be associated with a person's body is fattening. The cause, that makes a person becomes fat and gains weight is because the fat that accumulates in the body due to uncontrolled eating patterns. So, it is not true if it says sex fat or intimate relationships can make the body become more obese.

Causes Of Body Fat After Marriage

The fact it has been mentioned that sex cannot cause body fat. Well, it turns out that there are several causes of body fat on the couple after marriage, as reported by the Happy Lifestyle Journal, the following:

1. Lifestyle after marriage

Not sex fat, actually causes the body to become obese, but a lifestyle that does both spouses. After marriage and foster households, couples will experience incredible happiness. Well, happy and serene sense that of course can make a person forget to exercise, even being lazy just to be both with couples.

Thus, reasonable only if a lot of young couples who become gain weight after marriage. It is because the lifestyle that began not stable as it used to be, before getting married. Therefore, if there are rumors which say that sex can increase weight loss, it is not entirely true. Because there are still many women who stay thin though very routine doing sexual activity.

2. Couples tend to do all the things together

Most of this case isn't a bad thing, but when his wife packed what typically happens is that the husband did not want certain foods finally tempted to enjoy the food. If your wife eats cake, any husband will probably join the eat it, and so the opposite.

When couples become comfortable with each other, it is claimed to lead to obesity as well, as they begin to spend more time eating in front of the TV, which increases the amount of food consumed (which is usually some delicious food and not healthy), and doesn't look at meal times. This condition is sure to be one of the triggers to gain weight, not fat because of sex or fat sex.

3. Wife wants to please her husband

Fat sex rumors can be broken, the married couples thus say that love no longer descends to the heart, but the love down to the stomach when after got married. Many married women started to make all kinds of delicious foods, sugary foods and other fattening food is really tasty, but hoard fat in the waist. Many couples don't even realize how much weight they get when stepping on the scales. Until then, they enjoy the incredible feeling of food cooked and served by a beloved spouse.

4. Eat lots of frustration with a spouse

Not only because of the happy, but body fat is also caused due to not harmonious households. Many couples are mainly women when they get depressed, nervous, sad and usually will often eat. When they start to think that her partner was not favored, rather than trying harder to be fit or discuss what's wrong, they started to vent his sadness with chew various foods.

So they started to gain weight and become less attractive for a partner, which in turn will become less interested in couples and gives rise to frustration and uncontrolled eating. Of course, this cycle can be overcome if one of the couples sit together and resolve the issue, or if the couple decided to end it.

5. Pregnancy

You may be familiar with a passion always want to eat the usually called cravings during pregnancy. Most women have no desire to fight it, so her weight gain and had trouble losing weight body after childbirth. The husband also sometimes can experience weight gain when his wife was pregnant because he was tempted seeing the food consumed his wife.

6. Dispose of food is wasted

A family is either already had children or without children, typically don't like to throw away food. The wife usually tends to eat leftovers from the husband or their children so that the food will not be wasted. This usually leads to overeating, and as a result, will cause the weight up.

7. The comfort of marriage makes a fat body

When the couple married, unconsciously started to think that marriage was for life and that they will commit to always be with who makes them will receive their respective circumstances. It gradually will likely lead to You getting lazy when it should be tidied up the House, wooing couples, and many other things. The condition also makes the couple don't really care how much food they heartily, that will certainly lead to weight gain.

However, to gain weight in a marriage can create a lot of problems. First, it leads to loss of confidence from couples who no longer looks as pretty as I used to. In addition, it will definitely lead to frustration, worse sex life, and many other complications. So, once again not to make sex chubby or fat sex.

Fortunately, most couples are aware with sooner or later, so they started to change their habits and lose weight, and the best option is when they do lose weight together, which triggers the married couples wife to live a healthy lifestyle.

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