The Benefits of Pilates to Improve Your Posture

The Benefits of Pilates to Improve Your Posture
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Have you heard the kind of Pilates exercise? Pilates is a type of exercise that is done by making unique movements with the help of a tool of pilates. However, behind its activities that seem simple, turns out it is very good to improve your posture. Why is this so? Yuk, see explanation below.

Get to know the origin of pilates.

Pilates was first discovered by men of origin Germany, Joseph Pilates. During his childhood, Joseph suffered many diseases, such as asthma and rheumatic fever. While moving up, Joseph is interested in the world of the gym so he frequently exercises and finally the more rarely afflicted by the disease. Joseph else concluded that one of the causes of a person experiencing the disease is less exercise.

From there, Joseph developed a type of exercise that can balance the health of mind and body. The exercise is pilates, which is actually a combination of a gym, martial arts, yoga, and dance.

Pilates is indeed identical to the movements that make the muscles of the body are hard at work. Yet, tiring though, the faster the also will form the muscles in the body.

Is it true that pilates is able to improve posture?

Posture is certainly very important for the health and appearance of a person's body. The existence of bad posture can make your muscles and bones are not symmetrical. It is thus able to injure and impair vital organs such as the heart and lungs.

Those who have scoliosis (spinal structure that tilts) also have a higher risk for exposed osteopenia (bone disorders due to losing its density). They will also experience limitations in activity, such as could not sit or stand for too long to experience pain in the back.

Well, it turns out that pilates can help lower the degree of slope of the spine in people with scoliosis. Not only that, any pilates movements were able to help control the severity of the symptoms of scoliosis, including reduced pain due to scoliosis.

In addition, various movements in Pilates exercise is capable of encouraging and increasing the mass of the body muscles. Therefore, no wonder this sport can enhance the flexibility and resilience of the body so it is very suitable for those who made their living as dancers or swimmers are beautiful.

The existence of techniques that are able to improve posture and maintain the symmetry of the body while standing also makes pilates can improve balance and help control movement you make. Techniques on pilates also emphasized the activity of the muscles located in the lumbar spine so that it can make the waist and the spine becomes more balanced. That way, your posture so look more ideal.

Benefits improve posture is obtained through a variety of movements in pilates that require muscle work that will build muscle and movement is exercised repeatedly, starting from the initial stage to the more difficult levels.

These tips do pilates for beginners

The purpose of doing pilates is to maintain muscle strength around the spine. In the running pilates, there is some major key, namely:
  • Breathe with relief until you can feel Your lower ribs on widening.
  • This technique is done by learning to look for the neutral position of the spine by involving the appropriate muscles.
  • When you do the movements that involve the head and neck, avoid emphasis your Chin to your neck.

When you start doing pilates, did in the atmosphere and conditions are calm and relaxed. Start from the initial stages first. Recently when it's getting used to it, you can improve it to a higher level.

When doing Pilates movements, you must also use the strength of Your abdominal muscles, pull the side back to the top, and tighten your butt section.

The following are some examples of simple pilates movements that you can do at home:
  • Simple leg lifts. This movement is quite simple. Lift and move the lower part of your legs in turn. Do up to 5 times.
  • Alternating leg lifts. Performed by lifting the right leg, followed by the left leg, so both your legs raised. Then lower Your right foot followed by the left foot. Repeat up to five times.
  • Single leg kick. You can do this while lying prone and your upper body held by both arms. Later, bend it one of your feet toward the buttocks. Do anyway on foot the other alternately. Repeat this movement as much as five times.

Important note when doing pilates

Concentrate on every movement you do. Remember, no part in your body that is not important.
Control Your every move. Not only a great gesture, every little movement you should be able to control it for the sake of improving your posture.
Do any movement by slowly and surely. Don't be too rigid and don't be too quick or too slow in doing every movement.
When you are finished doing pilates, don't forget to cool down. This cooling technique is done by leaning on the wall then open Your legs wide and relaxed. Breathe with relax and then bow down for a while. After that, you will definitely feel more calm and fresh.

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