The Best Tips for Making The body contain

The Best Tips for Making The Body Contain
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Follow the how to make a body contains it takes struggle. Even though it is already packed with a portion of a lot, but the body is still thin. Then what is wrong from how to make body fat and contain?

Please note, in some cases, there are some people who have difficulty raising the weight even though it has its share of add or already implemented way of making bodies contain more. In principle, how to make body fat and contains can be done by adding muscle mass instead of a fat body.

How to make Body fat and Contains good?

Raise the weight of the body is not increasing the intake of fat. Increasing the amount of fat is precisely to make the body become unhealthy. The increase of fat in the body is the same meaning with consuming more energy than your body needs sufficient for daily activities.

How to make a body containing the main thing is it needs exercise lifting weights can improve muscle mass. The following tips add muscle mass in 2 to 3 weeks:

1. Eat a serving of

How to make a body contains the first is increasing food intake. Add the frequency of eating into 5-6 times with the portions are. Try nutritious food consumption and avoid also the consumption of junk food. It is known that junk food can add unhealthy fats and slows the metabolism of the body so the body working in unhealthy.

2. The consumption of carbohydrates and proteins

In addition to increasing the share of food, how to make a body contains the next is must consume foods containing carbohydrates and protein. This serves to replace the muscle glycogen or sugar is in that time was running out. While protein is needed to restore muscles damaged by heavy exercise.

3. Eat after exercise

How to make body fat and contains next is eating real food not supplements, or a maximum of 1 hour after workout.

4. vitamin Consumption

Consumption of multivitamins, especially B vitamins are very helpful to the process of digesting the nutrients you eat. Useless if You eat a lot but could not well digested by the body.

5. weight training Intensity

One of the ways to make the Agency containing which should not be missed is to do weight training for 1 hour and reduce cardio exercises. Please do not practice exceeds 1 hour, the cause will be spending calories. However, you still need calories to build muscle. Train the same muscle more than 2 times a week.

6. Train the muscles

Follow 9 to 12 sets of exercises per session for each muscle. Do not train the muscles of the chest with all tools in the gym with the assumption the more complete the better. Use only the 3-4 tools each about the 3-4 set and use essentially the movement only.

How to make body contained here can be done by doing sit-ups repeatedly with a balanced intensity. In addition, movements of push-ups can also be made to strengthen the muscles of the hand and made larger.

7. number of repetitions of the exercise

Do exercise 6 to 8 repetitions, but should not do exercise to 12 repetitions. Exercise as much as 6 to 8 repetitions will not harm your health.

8. The share of free weights

If you already use a high-intensity exercise for weight training – which means short breaks between sets – around 1.5 – 2 hours, you could try lifting weights weighing possible. For example, to a height of about 160-165 cm should do bench press more than 10 kilograms in the left and right.

Load only 10 pounds won't be able to raise Your muscle mass. Chasing a target of at least 25-30 pounds of left and right. If not able, raise slowly each week until you are able to, when necessary, ask the help of a friend or trainer gym.

9. Fuel for sleep

When you sleep, muscle formation and repair occurs when the body is releasing growth hormones and other compounds that are essential for the health of the brain and the body. Squeeze in sleep between seven to nine hours per night.

How to make a body contains the latter is consuming snacks before bed. So this is the time to contain the bodies of others to add calories. The combination of protein and carbohydrates offer calories and nutrients needed for repair and regeneration of muscle. A small portion of grilled chicken, green beans, rice, and vegetables are the food options before going to bed.

In the meantime, if you haven't managed to implement some way of making the Agency contains as above, you can ask for help on a professional to help you do Reps of exercises during 2-3 week all.

Once you know how to make a body contains, you should also know that the way body contains so that it depends on what's causing your weight decreases.

Therefore, before you begin the program improved weight, check in advance whether your weight is indeed are below normal weight by using a calculation of body mass index.

If the results obtained by body mass index numbers then this figure is 21.5 indicates that you included in the normal weight category or ideal.

The conditions that make the Body Hard Fat

Some conditions that can cause Your body weight reduced from normal, among others:
  • Certain diseases such as pulmonary TB or HIV.
  • Suffering from cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa.
  • Hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid gland, this condition increases the metabolism so that make someone skinny risky.
  • Suffering from psychological disorders such as depression or stress.
  • Digestive disorders, such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.
  • A celiac disease that makes the body unable to absorb certain nutrients from the diet.
  • Associated with genetic. Where if the trend of family members posture skinny, then you may inherit the same thing so it's hard to plump.
  • The pattern of the body's metabolism. Where each person has a different pattern. Besides hormone levels that regulate the metabolism of the body such as the thyroid can also affect a person's body weight.
Please note, the distribution of fat on each person is different so there are some parts of the body fat whereas other body parts look skinny. However, in General, a woman's body fat distribution network has more than men.

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