The danger of Performing Oral sex with a Frivolous and without a safety net

The danger of Performing Oral sex with a Frivolous and without a safety net
InfoHealthyLife.Com - The various types of sex performed by couples, oral sex has always been considered the most secure. By performing oral sex, a person will not experience the transmission of a disease or get other serious problems. Is it so?

Any kind of sex is actually performed remains risky. Even things we take for granted turned out to be causing the problem. That's why we are not advised to do sex with recklessly and without a safety net.

Errors committed while performing oral sex

There are many mistakes that are often made by a person while performing oral sex. Here are a few examples of that error.

1. Do not clean the pubic area first

Always clean with bath and invite couples to do it well. The public should be clean and there is no remaining dirt. If the remaining dirt, until there is a possibility of transmission of the disease would be great. In addition to what is felt when making love also was not enjoyable.

2. Do not use a condom

Condoms are mandatory must be fitted to the penis if oral sex would like to do. You must do this if it does not do so with the official partner. If the official with a partner, there's no problem using original alike know the health condition of each.

If you want to use a condom, it is better to use a condom properly. Use of condoms that have the taste or if it's really no use condoms always.

3. Push the penis into the mouth like penetration

When the couple doing oral sex to the penis don't push your penis into. If pushing it too strong, the couple could just choke. This rule obliged to note if you have a penis that size is quite long.

Enjoy what is done by couples. If it feels dull pain and unable to hold the pair head to stop it temporarily.

4. Ejaculation in the mouth

Although the couple asked him, better don't do ejaculation in the mouth. The semen comes out not only contain the sperm only. Semen also there is dirt and seeds of disease.

5. Oral sex is too intense

Do oral sex with. Do it with too intense can injure the penis or vagina. The teeth could have been about the public so as not to accidentally be bitten. You can do rather quickly the origin control can be done well.

6. Oral sex after penetration

After the penetration of do not directly perform wipe oral. Better penis washed beforehand. To the bathroom for a bit or use wet wipes. Instantly perform oral sex will make the mouth so dirty.

7. Not checking the pubic couples

This last error fatal enough because it could cause many problems. Cuts on the penis could be without infectious diseases. Therefore, before giving oral sex is a good idea to check whether there are injuries. If there are cuts better use condoms.

Get around the occasional oral sex uncomfortable

One of the reasons that make women become reluctantly giving oral sex with a condom is the taste. Condom sense that goes into the mouth so it's like rubber. So that this problem does not occur, check out some of the things below.

Choose the right condom. In fact, there are two types of condoms that are in the outer there. First, the type of condom sense and not. Condoms have no sense this is used for penetration. In the meantime, there is a condom it felt used for oral sex.

After you know the type of condom use, it's good to choose the appropriate sense. Buy the flavor of the fruit, chewing gum, or mint.

Be sure to not bite the condoms. Just use your tongue and lips when performing oral sex.

The aroma and taste of the condom are indeed easily exhausted. It is, therefore, a good idea to routinely replace dirty or ejaculate yet though.

Do it slowly and do not hurry. When performing oral sex too quickly, there is a possibility the penis or the vagina was injured.

Consider the ability of the mouth to perform oral sex. It's not the same kind of sex with penetration or incorporate all of the penis. Women do not have to enter all the penis obsessed because can trigger gagging.

In men, do oral sex with not biting the tongue or insert obsessed area clitoris. Simply play the tongue and the lips of the vulva area with evenly.

Always do the communication with a partner related to obtains flavor. Sometimes the flavor it brings there is pain, pain, and burning. If it's not comfortable or feel less enjoyably, immediately told the couple.

Oral sex on a woman

Oral sex has always been synonymous with men. Compared with women, men are more often get oral sex from a partner. In fact, in almost every activity, oral sex is always given to warm up.

Although oral sex on a woman is quite rare, it never hurts to give it. Some men also enjoy this activity though not everything is done properly like adding a safety.

Oral sex that men give women remain at risk of sexually transmitted disease brings. Therefore, men are advised to use a dental dam so that the tongue, lips, and teeth do not have direct contact with the vagina.

Dental dam can be bought on the market or online. If this tool does not exist, you can Snip condoms without lubricants into the shape of a rectangle. Next use to do oral sex safely. Oh yes, behind the used parts, you can add a lubricant to make it more slippery.

So a little review about oral sex to do safely. If You can not do oral sex safely, there is a possibility of interference occurring in the body such as the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

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