Try These 6 Stretching Moves Before Sleeping, So You Sleep Better

Try These 6 Stretching Moves Before Sleeping, So You Sleep Better
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Often hard to sleep, even sleeping feels less sleep? If Yes, maybe now is the right time for you to try doing yoga or tai-chi, which according to the latest review of Sleep Medicine Reviews can help to sleep faster and sleep. However, if you want a shorter way, you can do stretches before going to bed. What is the goal and how do I do it? Following his review.

Benefits stretch before bed

Befitting a sports movement, the movement of the stretch before bed will help focus your thoughts on the gestures and the settings of your breath. Indirectly, thoughts about stress and things went sour no more that happened today will be forgotten.

Stretch before bed may also help relieve the muscles of the body are tense, as well as prevent cramps while sleeping that often makes you awakened at night.

The range of motion stretches before bed

1. Seated forward

The movement of this stretch will help relax your muscles of legs, thighs, back, and shoulders.
Here's how:

  • Front seats position both feet straight ahead and both hands raised upward.
  • Point your body forward with hand position is still the same (see picture) as if being kissed the knees.
  • If your back pain, bend Your knees a little or give a buffer at the bottom of the knee in order to put pressure.
  • Hold this position until about 5 minutes.

2. Bear hug

By doing this stretch before bed movement, can relax muscles back. Moreover, for those of you who complained of pain in the shoulder and back section because often carry heavy loads or the wrong sitting position.
Here's how:
  • Stand upright with both hands wide open position, then inhale.
  • Exhale slowly, while crossing his hands up to the back (see picture).
  • Hold the position for 30 seconds.
  • Proceed with expanded both hands back, while you breathe in.
  • Repeat the movement crossed hands and throw the breath slowly.
  •  Doing this alternately until about 7 times.

3. Neck Stretches

Want to relieve the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders are tense? The movement stretches before bed is fit to do!
Here's how:

  • Sit or stand erect, body position and lift the hands encircling the head to hold the left ear.
  • Still, with the same position, tilt the head until it almost touches the right shoulder.
  • Hold that position around 8 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.
  • If it is, replace the other movement by putting his Chin on his chest and hold it for 8 seconds.
  • Back to its original position (perpendicular head and body), and then repeat the previous movements until about 5 times.

In addition to helping create a more relaxed body, regulating breathing, and reduce stress, body movement can also help drive away the pain and stiffness in muscles of the back, shoulders, and neck.
Here's how:
  • Sit with your knees touch the floor, position, and butt resting on heels,
  • Relax your knees and feet on the floor, then let your body like a prone towards the future with the position of the face facing the floor (see picture).
  • Expand the hands forward to loosen the muscles of the shoulder and hand. To make it more comfortable, you can use a pillow placed under the thighs as well as the face in order to give more power.
  • Breathe in, and then remove it slowly.
  • Hold this position until about 3-5 mins.
  • Movements like this can be done in between the movement of the stretch before bed to give you a bit of a respite break for the body.

5. Legs up the wall

The goal of this movement was to the back, shoulders, and neck often feels stiff and sore could be more comfortable while sleeping.
Here's how:
  • Lying down with legs elevated position and stick on the wall.
  • Place your hips and legs on the wall, and then select how far away with the walls match the comfort.
  • So that is more convenient, you can put a pillow under her hips.
  • Put your hands in a comfortable position, could be on the side of the body (see picture).
  • Hold this position until the 5-8 minutes.

6. Reclining bound angle pose

After undergoing a pretty tiring day, do these stretching movements can help reduce the strain on the muscles of the hips and around the crotch. Especially if you frequently spend the time to sit all day.
Here's how:
  • Sitting on the floor with the sole second position bump into each other. Auto-away will be bent and wide open.
  • Slowly bring the body back to back is stuck to the floor (see picture). If necessary, use a pillow under the knees to make it more comfortable.
  • Put your hands in a comfortable position, could be on the side of the body.
  • Inhale deeply, and feel the relaxation of waist and thighs.
  • Hold it up to 5-8 minutes.

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