Watch out, extreme diets don't eat carbohydrates can damage the intestine!

InfoHealthyLife.Com - A low-carb diet is a diet that is now widely followed. Because this diet is known to have many benefits, one of them loses weight. On the other hand, a study shows the impact of a diet low in carbohydrates that are adverse to bowel health if done too extreme. Thus, You must be wise when you start this diet.

Low-carb diet relationship and bowel health

Watch out, extreme diets don't eat carbohydrates can damage the intestine!A low-carb diet does have many benefits, but too low carb turns to the detriment of the body, according to research conducted a lecturer, Richard Agans from Wright State University in Dayton Journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology the year 2018.

Richard Agans and his team aim to see what is happening on the conditions of the bowel when someone changing the diets of a balanced diet, low carbohydrate diet becomes.

In the study of human intestinal Agans create a replica using a variety of tools with cutting edge technology to run its research, as well as using the stool from donors to run the study.

The research did for this team and Agans found that when someone from a balanced diet switched to a diet high in fat and carbs, so without the number of bacteria in his bowels so decreased.

Decreased intestinal bacteria necessary this time will reduce the production of short chain fatty acids and antioxidants in the gut. In fact, both of these compounds are very necessary to maintain the health of your colon.

Carbohydrate deficiency increases the risk of bowel cancer

Short-chain fatty acids and antioxidants in the gut are the chemical compounds that are very important to fight against DNA damage and aging due to free radicals in cells of the intestine. When both these compounds are reduced, then the likelihood of the occurrence of inflammation and the risk of bowel cancer will be even greater.

Thus, according to the researchers, the impact of an extremely low-carb diet is quite dangerous, rather than healthy.

To the lack of carbohydrates will make a decrease in the production of short chain fatty acids and antioxidants in the gut which is quite harmful to him.

However, this research still needs to be re-evaluated. The reason is not yet known exactly how much of this research is supposed to be a comparison of the number of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that are safe to keep your intestinal health.

Carbohydrates increase chemical compounds important in gut

If a person consumes carbohydrates quantities enough, you not only get the energy but also more healthy bowel.

When carbohydrates enter into the intestine, intestinal bacteria metabolize carbohydrates and will immediately release the short chain fatty acids. Likewise with antioxidants.

However, when incoming carbohydrates very little, then nothing stimulates the intestinal bacteria to release chemical compounds essential to the intestine.
Sometimes people forget or are too precisely the spirit of trend following a diet to trim the depleted food sources carbohydrates, without thinking what the impact of a low-carb diet extreme. In fact, carbohydrates have a no less important function with fat and protein.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. In one gram of carbohydrate produce energy by as much as 4 calories. Energy from carbohydrates can be used directly or can be the energy savings if later required. The central nervous system and the brain naturally also depend heavily on energy from carbohydrates.

In addition, carbs also help keep the amount of protein or muscle mass in the body. When the number of carbohydrates in the body is insufficient, the body automatically took protein as an energy source so that it can lower the body's muscle mass.

Carbohydrates also serve controlling weight. Especially complex carbohydrates that will deliver these benefits. So, it's not indiscriminate because the effect diet can instead be harmful to you.

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