What Are The Benefits Of Routine Do Gymnastics Pilates?

What Are The Benefits Of Routine Do Gymnastics Pilates?
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Despite his movement may look similar, yoga and pilates are two different things. Pilates is a more modern version of yoga. Pilates was first developed at about the 20th century's by a veteran athlete origin Germany named Joseph Pilates, as a form of physical exercise that focuses on rehabilitation and strengthening of the body.
What is done during gymnastics pilates?

The principle of Pilates is to unify the understanding between body and soul so that the two could cooperate to assist you in your daily life. To achieve harmonization between body and mind, Pilates involves regular breathing techniques, exercise balance and posture, concentration, concentration exercises to control the movement and muscle strength.

Gymnastics pilates involves a series of movements that are slow but focused and accompanied by breathing in. Each movement is designed mental and focus on the use of a good muscle and accurately to ensure your body continues to move in order to improve the coordination of movements, breathing patterns, and body awareness.

In fact for doing pilates, you are encouraged to attract and exhale deeply and thoroughly as to help detoxify the body. The intake of oxygen plays an important role in the smooth circulation of the blood that helps keep the body's overall health.

In addition to the recovery of the body after injury or strengthen weak joints, Pilates improves functioning muscle strength and flexibility and balances the body. Pilates has also been used over the years to improve posture.

For those of you who are curious to try out pilates but is still doubtful about its benefits, refer to this article to find out more about the many benefits of Pilates to the body.

But if your main goal is to rehab the injury, should consult first with the doctor about your intentions trying pilates routine.

1. Strengthen the core muscles of the body

Many people argue that train core muscles by forming the same stomach six-pack. Don't get me wrong. Strengthens the core muscles to become one of the most sought after pilates benefits.

The core muscles are a series of muscle that runs start from the lower chest muscles, abdomen, back, until the muscles around the pelvis. The core muscles are involved in almost every movement of the human body.

The core muscles are weak or not flexible can interfere with the function of motion and a wide range of motion of the arms and legs, and can drain the power runs out of every move you make. Train your core muscles properly can increase his strength. Having strong core muscles means your body will be more stable and sturdy.

2. Correct body posture

As explained above, a strong core muscle (including abdominal and back muscles) is very important to make it easy for you to perform daily tasks, such as carrying small children and carry heavy items.

Pilates training the muscles of the lower back, hips, abdomen, and pelvis you who was the center of gravity of the body, in order to be able to work harmoniously. Pilates supports core muscles to stabilize the body coordinating body, so that it can maintain a good posture when sitting or standing. A good posture also makes you look taller, leaner, and level that ultimately boost your confidence as a whole.

More importantly, stabilizing the body's core through pilates spine also reduces quickly wear out. Pilates allows you to take in more oxygen when breathing, giving you a stable and good posture, as well as hone fine motor skills you. Sharp motor skills makes you more alacrity in react and stay balanced on unstable surfaces, such as when the streets are slippery or sharp climbs.

3. Prevent and reduce pain from injury

He sat down and minimal exercise weakens the muscles of the middle part of your body. So the core muscles of the body weaken, pillows or little sprain can cause you to suffer prolonged pain — not to mention the risk of recurrent pain is also the same size.

Pilates stretches and strengthens muscles, increases the elasticity of the muscles, joints and improves mobility. The body with the power and flexibility that would be more balanced immune and/or heal faster from injuries.

That's why many people with chronic lower back pain choose pilates practice that has proven can speed healing after a four-week training session when compared to those who visited a specialist course, admits a study, published the Journal of Orthopedic Sports Physical Therapy &. Moreover, the pain completely disappeared for a full year after pilates routine.

4. Sharp focus

Pilates looked very easy to do, but it really requires a high level of concentration. Pilates centers on the harmonization of the control of mind, body, and breath that make you so much more focused on every move you make is not a shortcoming of falling or harm yourself in the midst of the pose.

In addition, when a Chinese researcher measures the changes in brain activity after 10 weeks of women join the pilates, they found an increase in cognitive function of the brain related to neural network activity, memory, performance, and cognitive functioning others.

5. Improve the quality of sex

A little much, pilates involves movements similar to Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. The stronger the pelvic muscles can give You experience an orgasm feels better.

In addition, pelvic muscle strengthening benefits of pilates not only ends up in bed alone. If you are trying to conceive, strong pelvic floor muscles can allow you to give birth to baby push it when giving birth later.

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