What Will Happen To The Body If We Don't Eat Sugar At All?

InfoHealthyLife.Com - The sugar included in the favorite food of all ages. Sweet taste could easily flavor any dishes and drinks. However, the health effects resulting from the consumption of sugar, not as nice as it feels. Therefore, it is not a few people who decided to no longer eat sugar to avoid bad effects.
Actually, what is the importance of sugar to the body?

What Will Happen To The Body If We Don't Eat Sugar At All?A healthy body needs the sugar intake, of course within the limits of normal. Not excessive and does not lack. Because every cell of the body's cells needs sugar to work. The consumption of refined sugar from food or drink that goes into the body is absorbed into the bloodstream and processed into glucose.

Furthermore, glucose will be processed into energy, which has been circulated to all the cells of your body. If the sugar intake does not achieve its needs, it means the production of glucose in the body will not be optimal.

This condition will certainly disrupt the working of the organs in the body. In fact, it could have led to the emergence of serious health complications.
Low sugar intake can result in hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a condition when your sugar levels are below the normal range or very low. This condition occurs when the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas too much sugar intake or decreased so the sugar levels in the blood are very low.

A person is said to be experiencing hypoglycemia if blood sugar levels are less than 70 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or millimoles of 3.9 per liter (mmol/L). A low blood sugar condition, most occur on diabetes (suffering from diabetes). But not closing the possibility, could also attack people who don't have diabetes.

If Hypoglycemia occurs in people who previously did not have signs and symptoms of diabetes, don't delay to immediately consult on the doctor.
So, what will happen to the body if not eating sugar at all?

As explained earlier, the sugar in the body is converted into glucose which is subsequently used as energy. That's why, when you are not at all packed in sugar or petrol, then the body is not getting the glucose will then culminate on lack of energy production.

In fact, sugar intake very effects on the normal functioning of the body, especially the brain works. Because of the brain works, which is the source of the body's central nervous system, relies heavily on the availability of glucose in the blood. In short, glucose is the only "fuel" that is capable of supporting the brain to work optimally.

The human brain has no storage of its own glucose supply so all depends on delivery of the flow of blood to your body. The cells in the brain include one part that requires an energy source more than other cells in the body. That is why the brain needs glucose tends to be bigger.

When the needs of sugar in the body cannot be fulfilled properly, it will affect the levels of glucose in the blood are below the normal range. This can lead to the brain loses its energy source, which of course also influenced the work of the organs of the body to another.

Not only that, but the decision to eat no sugar at all also automatically make the body lose energy so you will likely feel limp, tired, dizzy, or pallor. Even in more severe conditions can cause the view of look blurry, shaky, it's hard to concentrate, lost consciousness, convulsions, and coma.
Safe sugar consumption tips

However, You may not know, not only the sugar derived from sugar. Source of complex carbohydrates such as red rice, oatmeal, nuts, as well as tubers also contain carbohydrates that can be digested into sugar. In fact, the source of carbohydrate is more beneficial than white sugar due to the womb the fibers allows the absorption of sugar by the body is done gradually.

As a result, you will feel energetic for longer than just consuming sugary foods high in sugar. In addition, you can also reduce the risk of diabetes due to consuming too much sugar.

But certainly, not a few of you who haven't been able to switch from sweet drinks becoming tasteless. Therefore, you can use a low-calorie sweetener for food and beverage sweeten you. That way, you can still enjoy a sweet taste without the worry of excess intake of sugar, which is certainly potentially a danger to your health.

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