Why Autoimmune Diseases More Prevalent in Women?

Why Autoimmune Diseases More Prevalent in Women?
InfoHealthyLife.Com - From a study conducted by a group of doctors, the autoimmune disease manifested more often about women. Of the few cases that happened, almost 75 percent of whom are women. With a significant amount of this clearly visible if women are more prone to 3 fold.

Well, now the question is why women are more prone to autoimmune affected than men. What are the factors that cause the condition it? Read more reviews here.
The cause of the women more vulnerable exposed autoimmune

The difference in response to the disease. Compared to men, women are more easily respond to disturbances or virus enters the body. So there are inflammatory disorders in organs, will happen quickly and sometimes redundant. This condition causes the autoimmune-prone woman. Little is occur directly respond to excessive interference.
  • The presence of excessive hormone fluctuations. Hormones that are owned by women is often up and down over time. For example, while pregnant, menstruation, or breastfeeding. This condition triggers the immune system to react more strongly. Consequently, any healthy body organs are considered impaired and finally attacked.
  •  Chromosomes that are owned by women are XX while males XY. From some research done, X chromosome is allegedly more vulnerable causing autoimmune disease. That's why more men are rarely affected by the autoimmune attack as compared to women.
  •  A woman who experienced pregnancy will be more vulnerable exposed to an autoimmune disease. This effect will continue to run through the woman already gave birth. During pregnancy and childbirth, the baby's growth triggers body's durability to work more strongly that it deemed suspicious directly attacked.

Public sign of autoimmune disease

There are many kinds of autoimmune disease. Nevertheless, a sign of the emergence of the disease is generally the same. Here are a few signs you can beware.

Pretty severe fatigue. This fatigue causes the body's hard-driven. Even though you are not doing the activity is too heavy, this condition is still going on.
  • Appears some muscle pain in the body though not doing anything. This pain will last a long time and sometimes reappear after a while. This pain may be assuaged with the drug but will relapse again during normal body durability yet.
  • Bruising and skin color in some parts of the body. When touched, bruising and pain will simply make the sufferer often does not hold its own and distress.
  • Distractions concentrate. We will probably be often experienced when hungry or when stuffed because there is a change in blood sugar. However, autoimmune conditions, these disorders will appear more often.
  • Low-grade fever that is often lost and reappear when the condition of the body begins to fall and the immune system attacks to some points of the body.
  • Itching and pain in the hands and feet. This condition causes you to be hard running and also use the hand.
  • Hair loss will often be particularly in the head. This loss does not occur because there are skin diseases. However, because there was an attack from within due to faulty immune system attack.

The many types of autoimmune diseases occur. The following types of autoimmune disease that attack the body and is more common in women.

1. Type 1 Diabetes

In this condition, the body's immune system will attack the pancreas that produces insulin. Consequently, a person will experience a rise in blood sugar, diabetes, and some existing organ in the body such as the kidney and nerve will be damaged.

2. Psoriasis

Psoriasis caused skin body joints in areas experiencing growth are strong enough. As a result, the skin will become thicker and appears the plaque. The skin will also become scaly and itchy and sometimes feels pretty well pain when touched.

On certain conditions, the body's joints in the area will feel quite painful to driven. Some people are not even able to move because it did not withstand the pain.

3. Multiple sclerosis

The disease causes a disruption in the body especially the nervous system. Due to the body's immune system was attacked, someone will easily feel the pain in the entire body, hard walk until another coordination disorder is quite complex.

If the disease is severe enough condition someone would need help to walk. Therefore the handling should be done early on so that the side effects are not large.

4. Lupus

Lupus is often seen with the advent of stains or spots of red in the face. Furthermore, the disease can also cause considerable problem notably related to the brain, heart, kidneys, and joints. The disease lupus is more common in women although men can experience it with the same symptoms.

5. Inflammation in bowel

Other diseases caused by the abnormal immune system are inflammatory bowel. This disease would damage or interfere with the intestinal wall. As a result of absorption of the sari packed will be distracted and cause someone so easily tired.

Inflammatory conditions also cause someone misbehaving organ work. In fact, potentially causing disruption to other more serious.

6. Addison's disease

This disease causes disruption to the adrenaline glands. Kelanjar produces cortisol and aldosterone. If two of these hormones are disrupted, most likely will be no abnormalities in metabolic systems.

The body will be more tired and too limp. Blood sugar plummeting and will be more likely to occur in large weight loss will be high.

Here are some reviews about autoimmune diseases and various problems thereof. From some of the above information, is there anything that you've never know or experience? Hopefully, after this, you can better understand and can immediately responds if emerging autoimmune disease

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