4 Tips to Increase Body Metabolism to Get Lose Weight

InfoHealthyLife.com -  There are two types of human beings on this earth: Those who like to eat a lot but can always be stable, and those who eat just a bite of rice have the numbers moving up to two-three digits. The increase and fall of body weight he said were influenced by the body's metabolism. Slow body metabolism means you will get fat faster. Is that right? If yes, is there a way to increase the body's metabolism?

What is the body's metabolism?

Metabolism is the entire chemical process that occurs in the body when turning your food into energy. This whole chemical process continuously produces and burns the energy needed by your body for daily activities, from breathing, thinking, to walking.

The body's metabolism is not directly related to increasing or decreasing body weight. People who have excess body weight are not necessarily due to slow metabolism. Vice versa. But, that does not mean metabolism is not related to body weight at all.

In fact, continued weight gain results from experiencing too much catabolism - when energy is formed - and without passing anabolism - when the body must use energy to build cells and tissues. Simply put, this makes the body continue to accumulate energy without using it a little.

But the cause of weight gain is actually quite complicated because it can be influenced by various things, not only the speed of the body's metabolism. Your scales go up can be caused by the environment, problems with hormones, or even other bodily disorders.
Various ways to increase the body's metabolism

For those of you who feel you have a slow metabolism, you don't need to worry. Because there are some things you can do as a way to increase your body's metabolism.

1. Increase in protein consumption

The body digests protein through a series of processes that require more energy. This means that the body needs to burn more calories to produce more energy to digest protein.

You can use high-protein foods to increase your metabolic rate, which is proven to be three times more effective than carbohydrates and fats. Consumption of protein, while you are on a diet, can also help you overcome excessive hunger and prevent loss of muscle mass which is a side effect of the diet that you do. Foods that contain protein include eggs, meat, fish, almonds, and others.

2. Drink green tea

Thanks to the content of the active compound catechin, green tea is proven to increase the body's metabolism by 4-5 percent. According to one study, if you drink five cups of green tea every day, you can increase your body's energy-burning by up to 90 calories per day.

Green tea helps convert stored fat in the body into free fatty acids, which can increase fat burning by 10-17 percent. Green tea is also low in calories, so it is believed to be good for losing weight and gaining weight. However, the effect is relatively small and may only apply to some people.

3. Eat spicy food

Capsaicin, a compound found in spicy foods such as chili and pepper can increase your body's metabolism and maintain healthy body weight. Although the effect is small, consuming spicy foods can burn 10 more calories in one meal.

4. Drink coffee

A study found that caffeine in coffee can increase metabolism by 3-11%. However, this benefit affects more thin people. A different study found that coffee increased fat burning by 29% for thin women, but only 10% for obese women. But what you have to remember is that you need to limit your consumption of caffeine, at least 400 milligrams or four cups of coffee per day. Especially for pregnant women, you are advised to no more than three cups per day.

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