After Successful Dieting, How Fast Will Weight Gain Again?

After Successful Dieting, How Fast Will Weight Gain Again?
InfoHealthyLife.com - Going on a diet is important for people who want to have a healthy life with ideal body weight. However, you can not go through the diet halfway. When you have gained the weight you want, it is important to maintain that weight to stay ideal. If you are careless and come back with a bad diet, do not be surprised if your body weight rises again, even rising can be more than before you start a diet.
How fast do you gain weight after successfully dieting?

Losing weight is difficult, but it's even harder to maintain ideal body weight. At first, your intention and enthusiasm for a diet is quite high. However, many are careless when they have reached their targeted weight.

You may find your stomach becomes flatter, your body is fresher, and of course, the number of your scales will be more ideal. Not only you, but also the people around you are also aware of changes in the body during a diet and start giving you praise.

However, Kathryn Ross, a public health expert from the University of Florida, explained to WebMD that weight loss during a diet can rise again so quickly because of various factors. That is why doing a diet is not only learning to lose weight but also to maintain weight. People who have succeeded in a diet must change the focus of how to lose weight to be a way to maintain ideal body weight.

A study of 70 obese adults completed a diet program for 12 weeks. The average participant can lose about 0.5 kg in a week. However, after the diet ends, their body weight returns to increase by around 0.06 kg per week in the first 11 weeks. About 32 weeks since the start of the study, body weight rose again, although not as fast as the initial weeks.

How fast your weight will go up after a diet depends on changes in your diet and your own habits. The metabolic process in the body also affects weight gain after a diet. When you go on a diet by reducing food portions, your body will instead encourage you to eat more later. Therefore, Samantha Heller, a nutritionist from NYU Langone Health in New York, believes that dieting is better slowly. This helps adjust the metabolism in the body with the needs of calories consumed.

Why do you gain weight even though you are already on a diet?

Hearing praise from people about the success of the diet you get might make you careless in your diet. The pattern of life during the diet began to be abandoned and old habits that are not healthy again carried out. Yes, these mistakes will make you gain weight even though you have already managed to diet. What mistakes do you need to avoid? See below.

1. Less active

Having an ideal body weight does not mean you no longer need to do physical activity. You may slowly reduce the intensity or time of exercise that you usually apply.

If you continue, your laziness to exercise will be even greater.

2. Don't have breakfast

After waking up, the body needs water and food to normalize metabolism and maintain blood sugar balance.

If you miss breakfast, hunger will be twice as large and ultimately make you eat more than you should. If you do this every day, of course your eating pattern becomes messy again so you gain weight.

3. Do not monitor habits that damage the diet

Not focusing on when eating makes your meal portion uncontrolled. Eating while watching television or playing HP, for example, can make you ignore the full signal given by the stomach so that you continue to eat even though your body has enough nutrition and calories.

4. A messy diet again

Having a diet can indeed make you avoid some unhealthy foods. However, after you get the desired weight, you may come back to the old diet. For example, eating irregularly, consuming too many calories, not observant when choosing nutrition, and so on. So do not be surprised if finally, the weight rises again.

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