Here's how to get rid of body odor

Here's how to get rid of body odor
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Who likes body odor? Surely all of you definitely don't like to have or smell body odor right? Yes, this one problem is very disturbing your activities and will make you and your surroundings feel uncomfortable. Even though there are so many deodorant and perfume brands that are said to be able to relieve your body odor, this method is only able to relieve and "divert", instead of eliminating the root cause of the problem, the body odor itself.

Here, specifically for you, you will discuss what causes body odor and how you can apply natural ways to get rid of your body odor and get your confidence back.

Causes of body odor

Body odor in the medical language is also called Bromhidrosis. This body odor is actually the smell of bacteria that is in the body. Common causes of body odor are sweat glands. All people certainly have sweat glands.

Usually, sweat has no odor. But if it sticks too long on the skin even for hours it will cause body odor problems.

As long as sweat sticks to the body, bacteria that naturally exist in the skin will multiply rapidly so that body odor becomes unpleasant.

Sweat is actually produced by two important glands, the eccrine gland, and the apocrine gland. The gland eccrine is a place where clear glands and odor have not been produced since you were a baby, and are useful for lowering body temperature at the same time and generally in the hands, back and shoulder.

Whereas unpleasant body odor originates from the apocrine gland where it is located deep in the skin and generally is in the folds of the body like an armpit because it has pores large enough to sweat.

The apocrine gland secretes with bacteria that play a role in the decay process and this causes bad odor.

The apocrine gland itself will only become active after you reach the stage of puberty, so it is not surprising that babies and children generally do not experience body odor problems.

The natural way to get rid of body odor

It turns out that around us there are lots of natural ingredients that can be used to eliminate body odor. What do you want to know? Let's read the article immediately below

1. Betel leaf
  • The high antioxidant content in betel leaves is believed to have been effective in eradicating odor and health problems.
  • Betel leaf is believed to cure various diseases because of its content which is rich in Vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, and carotene.
  • This betel leaf is an effective way to get rid of body odor and good sweat and can be used for the armpits and female sex organs.
  • To get rid of body odor using betel leaves, the method is to boil some betel leaves (3-5 sheets) with 2 cups of water, then you can mix them with water in your bathtub.
  • Do this regularly or twice a week for maximum results.
2. Basil leave
    The leaves are identical to the fragrance, it turns out it can also eliminate body odor in your body. It's easy, you can eat these leaves directly as fresh vegetables, or if you don't like vegetables, you can make them as tea.

    The method is easy, dry the basil leaves to dry, mash until smooth then brew with hot water and voila make your homemade basil tea. Eating basil leaves regularly will help your body odor disappear forever.

3. Temulawak
    Yes, this ingredient that is often used as herbal medicine in Indonesia also turns out to have benefits to eliminate body odor.

    This is because ginger binds aksirin oil and other substances such as saponins and flavonoids which are believed to overcome the problem of body odor.

    The method is easy just by grating ginger, give water while squeezing and then apply to the body part that is easy to sweat like the armpit.

    In addition, you can also boil ginger, add honey and drink the water for maximum results.

Now for those of you who experience body odor problems, let's try some of the tips above regularly and regularly. Guaranteed your body odor will disappear quickly. Good luck Guys!

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