Know 5 Unique Facts Deodoran that Many People Do Not Know

Know 5 Unique Facts Deodoran that Many People Do Not Know
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Deodorant is indeed one of the items that are certainly familiar to us all. Yes, because deodorant in today's world is like a mandatory object that is used by almost everyone after finishing bathing. The main function of the deodorant itself is to keep the body fresh and not smell even though it has gone into action all day long. But nowadays many deodorants have progressed where in addition to removing body odor, the deodorant in the claim already has a function as an underarm skin smoother, underarm skin whitener and so on.

Well besides these things, do you know about other unique armpit facts? Let's look at this one article to increase your knowledge of the unique facts that you might not know.

Deodorants and various unique facts

Humans sweat is a natural, normal and human thing. The human body is designed so that it can sweat. Sweat is also not a detriment to the human body.

There are so many benefits that can be given by the body's sweat and human health. Sweat is just a problem when bacteria and viruses appear in your armpit area that will make the armpit smell bad.

Because of this, deodorants are created as a quick solution to overcome body odor caused by someone's armpit when touched by bacteria. Here are some unique facts that you should know about deodorant, namely:

1. Deodorant turns out to be very old

This is said by a well-known magazine in the United States, namely the New York Time that after doing some research, they found that the existence of deodorants actually existed and was found an hour in the time of Ancient Egypt but in a different form.

Yes, in the era of Ancient Egypt, the community will wear a variety of fragrances and use perfume on the folds of their bodies such as the neck, armpits, hands, and others.

The modern Deodorant brand Mum was first introduced to the public and marketed in 1881, while the first antiperspirant type deodorant produced was the Everdry brand in 1896.

2. Deodorants have the ability to kill bacteria

As explained above, sweat can smell if contaminated by bacteria. This is the main goal deodorant is created where deodorants are used to eliminate unpleasant body odor that is sourced in someone's armpit.

To do its purpose, the deodorant must certainly be able to eliminate the main source that causes a person's armpit to smell bad and that source is bacteria.

So with that, each deodorant producer will create a deodorant to have the ability to kill bacteria so that the body odor becomes odorless and fresh again.

3. Deodorant cannot remove sweat

Many people think that using deodorant every day the sweat that will be released by your armpit will be less.

The answer is wrong. The use of any amount of deodorant will not be able to remove your sweat and can only reduce your sweat production by as much as 20%.

4. Deodorants may not cause yellow stains on clothes

During this time many people think that by using deodorant it will bring yellow stains on the clothes in the armpit area.

This is not necessarily true, because until now health experts and clothing have not found results, the search for the fact that deodorants can create yellow stains on clothes so that the statement of deodorant causes yellow stains on clothes is not necessarily true.

5. Not everyone has body odor

This is the same as explained above that sweat is basically odorless and can only smell when sweat is contaminated with bacteria.

So if your sweat is not contaminated with bacteria, you will not automatically experience body odor problems and you will not need to use deodorant in your life every day.

Yes, because this can be said that deodorant is not mandatory for everyone and not everyone also needs the presence of deodorant in his body.

Hopefully the unique facts above can add to your knowledge about deodorants. Remember to always maintain the health of your armpits so that the use of deodorants is not dependent.

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