These 5 Habits Make Your Breast Fast Slack

These 5 Habits Make Your Breast Fast Slack
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Breasts are not always tight and dense. There are times when the breasts become loose or not tight anymore. Natural factors that cause sagging breasts include age and breastfeeding a baby. These two factors contribute to the loss of elasticity of collagen, the connective tissue that determines the level of elasticity of your skin. Breast down can also be due to genetic factors. If your mother has a lower breast form, there is a possibility that the breast shape is too.

Well, those are natural factors that make the shape of the breast change. This is unavoidable, of course. But outside of natural factors, there are also non-natural factors, namely daily habits, which can make the breast flat and down. This is a habit, according to the University of California Los Angels can make the breast experience 'premature aging'.

1. Yoyo diet
The yo-yo diet, as the name suggests, is a type of tug-of-war diet. Some when you are on a strict diet, then free to eat anything. Yoyo diets cause weight to fluctuate quickly. "Fluctuations like this make breast tissue lose quickly," said Michael Edwards, MD, a breast surgeon and president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

2. Smoke
The danger of cigarettes turns out to be 'spread' up to the breast. "Cigarettes weaken the elastic tissue of the skin by reducing blood supply to the skin surface," Edwards said.

3. Do not use sunscreen
Exposure to the sun on your face that is not coated with sunscreen can cause premature wrinkles. The same thing will happen to a breast that is not protected by sunscreen. Collagen will be damaged so that the breast will fall more down.

4. Using a bra that is not right
Every time you move, more pressure or stress is experienced by the skin and collagen. Therefore, you need a supportive bra or a supportive bra. Avoid wearing lingerie because the carrying capacity is not strong enough. Choose a bra that has the right size, good cup, sideband and strap. If your breasts are large, choose a bra with a wide strap.

5. High-impact sports
High impact sports But like running and jumping is very good for your heart. But, at the same time, it can damage collagen tissue. But, don't stop running because the health benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Just use the right sports bra that can help limit breast movement so it doesn't swing up and down hard when you move, advises Alyssa Dweck, obstetrician and gynecologist at Mt. Kisco, New York and author of V Is for Vagina.

Also, make sure you take vitamin C supplements because it can help your body produce collagen and increase skin elasticity. Or, better yet, consume vitamins A, C, E from natural sources.

Vitamin C is abundant in fruits that taste sour like berries, oranges, pomegranates, kiwi, mangoes, and apples. Vitamin A is abundant in red and orange fruits or vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, spinach, red chili, papaya, dragon fruit, watermelons, tubers, and cereals.

While vitamin E is in nuts, seeds such as sunflower seeds, wheat germ, soybean oil, corn oil, alfalfa, lettuce, beans, asparagus, bananas, strawberries, sunflower seeds, beans, sweet potatoes, and green vegetables.
All types of vitamins are more available in fresh, unprocessed foods.

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