Tips for Success in Maintaining Body Fitness for Men Aged 40 and Over

Tips for Success in Maintaining Body Fitness for Men Aged 40 and Over
InfoHealthyLife.com - As you get older, your body will age so that it gradually impacts your physical fitness. Aging makes the body's muscle mass begin to shrink to three to five percent every 10 years since you were 30 years old. The lost muscle is then replaced with fat which raises various health problems. In addition, the increase in fat deposits also affects the body's balance and strength of joints. Stiff muscles and joints will make it harder for you to move. Plus, your body's metabolism also begins to decrease with age, so that your weight rises more easily.

But you Adam don't worry about this aging process. Men's fitness at the age of 40 years and above can be maintained with a variety of tips below so that you are always healthy and fresh until a later age.

Tips for maintaining a man's fitness in his 40s

Aging cannot be prevented but can be slowed and minimized by applying the right lifestyle. Here are various ways to maintain a man's fitness in his 40s that you can practice every day:

1. Start with flexibility and balance exercises

 Orthopedic surgeons at the University of Pittsburgh say that men in their 40s don't need to exercise harder and more often. All you need is the right sports strategy.

At the age of four heads, you need to focus more on your exercise plan on exercise flexibility and body balance. These two things help maintain a man's fitness in the long run by reducing the stiffness of muscles and joints, which can reduce the risk of falling and injury later in the evening.

Wright also advises you to do dynamic stretches compared to static stretches. For example jump squats, which are jumping up which ends with a squat pose, or running in place but raise your knees to the level of your chest. Why?

It turns out there are some studies that report that static stretching can worsen muscle performance, especially if done for 60 seconds or more. While dynamic stretches such as lunges or squats actually increase muscle flexibility and improve coordination and balance of the body that is much better.

2. Eat good food for muscles

Eating healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, to avoid foods high in sugar and also processed helps you stay healthy. But other than that, to avoid losing muscle mass as you get older you need a new strategy for eating food.

According to Chris Jordan, M.Sc., C.S.C.S., director of sports physiology at Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, states that adding protein to the foods you eat can help reduce the glycemic index of these foods effectively.

For example, when you want to eat sweet foods like chocolate cakes without raising blood sugar levels, you can add avocado slices on top of it. You can also consume various other protein sources that are good for the body. This method has been proven to be able to build and maintain your muscle mass.

3. Routine mutually type of exercise

Challenging the body, in the same way, every day for some time is actually an efficient way to train the body. However, this can also increase the risk of injury and also boredom.

In fact, sports is one of the activities that must be enjoyed by the process. Therefore, challenging the body by choosing different exercises can add variety to the practice and allow you to be fitter and younger. In addition, you can also add and reduce the training load according to your abilities.

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