Waxing or Shaving, Which is Better?

Waxing or Shaving, Which is Better?
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Unlike men, women always want to keep their appearance from the tip of their head to the tip of their toenails. Especially for fur (fine hair) Women always keep fine hairs on the armpits, legs or other visible areas clean by shaving them. There are 2 ways that are most used by women to remove these feathers. The first is by shaving it with a razor blade and shaving with wax (wax). Because both have advantages and disadvantages, which raises questions, which method is better used to shave down the hair on the body.

Shaving using a razor blade is an easy and inexpensive thing but creates various risks such as being injured and risking making fine hair grow thicker.

While the use of wax is one of the best methods for shaving body hair, especially those in the legs. Compared to a razor, this technique will lift more hair and make it grow in a longer time.

As long as you endure the pain, using wax is a good choice for shaving body hair. For more details, let's see what are the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Remove fine hair by shaving

    The process of processing: Cutting the hair with razors or shaves that can be bought freely on the market, it's better if you use a special cream to shave so as not to cause irritation. Can be done at home or anywhere

    Pros: Can be done anywhere, anytime. Equipment for shaving is relatively cheaper when compared to shaving with waxing techniques, the use of a cream to shave can provide its own moisture for your skin.

    Save time and not get sick unless you accidentally cut/slice your body parts.

    Disadvantages: When you shave using a razor blade, only the surface of the hair is released and the shaved hair will grow back in a week. Shaving must be done regularly to keep the appearance beautiful.

    When you regularly shave, maybe you will feel your hair getting thicker and longer. Because of the nature of the hair that will appear to grow thicker each time you trim it.

    The possibility of getting injured while shaving is also high so that it can cause injury and even infection to the skin due to a mistake in the shaving process. In addition, often after shaving you will feel pain because a little or a lot, every time you shave, it will hurt the outermost layer of skin.

    Cost: To shave using a razor blade and shaving cream, at most you have to spend 100,000, even if you buy expensive razors and creams, and you can use it more than 10 times.

    Shaving tips: If you choose to shave, make sure you use a new and sharp razor to avoid irritation, especially if you shave on the face.

    And for fine hair that grows very fast, you can use products to slow down hair growth, with this, you don't need to shave too often.

Remove fine hair with waxing

    The process of processing: Apply wax evenly to the area you want to remove the feathers in the direction of the growth of the fur, then cover with a kind of strip or tape, then the plaster is pulled, so that fine hair is pulled up to the roots.

    Strengths: Regrowth, when you wax, will be less than when you shave. This is because during waxing, the root of the hair is damaged which slows back growth.

    The skin becomes smoother when waxing because it removes dead skin cells. Overall, the results of waxing are better than shaving.

    Disadvantages: Of course the waxing process is very painful when compared to shaving with a razor blade. Waxing process must have special preparation, starting from buying equipment to the process, unlike using a razor blade that can be done in under 10 minutes.

    In addition, the price is quite expensive, especially if you go to a special beauty salon waxing. Third, because it uses artificial chemicals, the long-term effects of the skin still cannot be guaranteed 100% security.

    Costs: For the cost, waxing is definitely more expensive than ordinary shaving.

    Tips for using waxing: To withstand pain, do not drink alcohol once during waxing, because alcohol can close the pores so that the process will be more painful.

Overall, both have advantages and disadvantages of each, although waxing has a better effect on the skin, but there are other considerations that allow people to choose to shave with a razor blade. So adjust with your finances and conditions.

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