What is Sunburn and What Needs to be Done to Overcome it

What is Sunburn and what needs to be done to overcome it
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Sunburn is a condition of burns caused by excessive sunburn. The sun's rays that are exposed to the skin for too long will cause damage slowly to the outer skin of the body. The skin strength of each person is different so that when exposed to the sun's heat to cause sunburn is not the same. Prevention of sunburn; can be done in several ways so that the skin is not irritated and burns due to strong ultraviolet stings of the sun.

What causes Sunburn

Sunburn occurs due to ultraviolet light which is exposed directly to the skin layer and damages melanin in the body. Melanin functions as a metabolic defense against the heat and ultraviolet light. Melanin is also responsible for regulating skin pigmentation so that some people who are exposed to sunlight for a certain period of time can appear in different colors.

In white skin, sun exposure will cause the skin to become red because there is not much melanin in white skin. In people with dark skin, the level of melanin is quite large so that the body's skin is able to survive in the heat of the sun and takes longer to cause changes in the skin.

Symptoms caused by Sunburn

Symptoms of sunburn are not like burns that directly result from heat or chemical liquids. Sunburn wounds appear with a mild, red-burning thermal condition. The longer exposure to light, then the skin will appear thick red, pain, and accompanied by swelling of the skin or edema on the face, hands, and feet.

Small boils can also appear on the chest or back exposed to sunlight. After the edema appears, skin peels slowly occur which occurs 3 to 5 days after the sunburn wound appears.

What can be done immediately

If the symptoms of sunburn appear as above, immediate action can be taken:

1. Wash cold water and compress

The first easy way is to give a cold response to the body such as watering it with cold water at the location of the body that is burned due to sunburn until the whistle feels cold and moist. After flushing cold water, the wound can be compressed for less than 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Avoid applying ointment

Try not to rub it with an antiseptic ointment or analgesic ointment because it actually damages the pigment to the burned skin.

3. Drink a lot

Monitor hydration in injured patients due to sunburn because if you lack body fluids the skin will become drier and trigger more severe injuries.

4. Use a moisturizing cream

Moisturizing cream can be a solution to reduce dryness due to sunburn injuries.

5. Anti-pain medication

If the area of ​​the wound is still painful, then you can be given the drug ibuprofen as an anti-pain. This drug should not be given to children because it can trigger Reye's syndrome.

6. Environment

Keep the environment cool to speed up the recovery of sun wounds while providing a comfortable space to rest.

What is the solution to prevent Sunburn

The main solution to prevent sun damage or ultraviolet is to use sunblock or sunblock before traveling out of the house. Sunblock has an ultraviolet filter that serves to reflect heat energy due to UV light and absorb UV energy.

The main content of sunblock includes metal oxides, aminobenzoic acid, zinc oxide, and other organic compounds that are safe for the body and strong to resist sun exposure. Nowadays cosmetics and health companies have created various sunblock products that can be used by all skin types so that it is safe to use by everyone.

Sunblock products used on the skin can last around 8 to 12 hours. We recommend that you use sunblock one hour before traveling or exposed to sunlight so that the content can absorb into the skin and become an additional fortress on the skin and fight light that can risk damage to skin pigments and the outer skin tissue.

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