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What's the Difference between the Ketogenic Diet and the Ketofastosis Diet?

What's the Difference between the Ketogenic Diet and the Ketofastosis Diet? - Diet is one way that many people do to lose weight. Now one of the diets that are now popular and is believed to be effective in removing fat, the ketogenic diet or the keto diet. It turns out that in addition to the keto diet, there is also a ketofastosis diet. Even though it sounds the same, it turns out the two are different, you know. So what is the difference between the ketogenic diet and the ketofastosis diet? Read on to find out.

What is the difference between the ketogenic diet and the ketofastosis diet?

Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is a term used for a diet with a very low but high fat carbohydrate content. If in general fat-avoiding diets, keto diets emphasize high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate diets. So the hope is the daily calories obtained, which is about 70% - 75% of fat, 20% of protein, and 5% of carbohydrates.

In this process, the body will enter a phase called ketosis, which is when a person does not consume carbo or consumes very little carbohydrate. Now in a condition of lack of carbohydrates, the body will start burning fat to be used as an energy source.

Ketofastosis diet

The ketofastosis diet is a combination of the Ketogenic diet and fastosis. If ketogenic is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat, and moderate protein diet, fastosis is fasting on ketosis which means fasting in ketosis. The duration of fasting ranges from 6-12 hours, even more, depending on the condition of each individual's body.

Actually, fastosis is an attempt to restore the actual human life pattern, which will produce the diet needed to maintain optimal fat metabolic conditions.

What are the effects of the ketogenic diet and ketofastosis diet?

Ketogenic diet

Although it sounds like a perfect diet, nutrition experts warn you of the various side effects that might arise. First, it takes two to four weeks for a diet like this so that the body adjusts and enters the ketosis phase.

Second, if the body does not enter the ketosis phase and you do not have enough carbohydrates as fuel for the body, the bad effect is that you will not lose fat. Excessive fat consumption will also give side effects to the body such as increased cholesterol or triglycerides. Especially if the source comes from saturated fats and trans fats found in many fried foods, and so on.

As is known, to get a healthy body metabolism, the body needs a balance of nutrients. Including carbohydrates. If you carelessly limit carbohydrate intake, then there are some bad effects that can occur in the body. Among them are constant hunger and dizziness. You are also at risk of becoming weak and easily drowsy.

Ketofastosis diet

Generally, people who will carry out this diet will experience a "healing crisis", which is a term used to describe the unpleasant conditions that occur when someone changes the metabolic system. The unpleasant conditions referred to are in the form of severe acne - a result of consuming excess fat, skin itching, dry skin, dandruff, nausea, and even weakness.

It must be understood, that changing the body's metabolism means it will also have an impact on changing body cells to adjust to new ways of working. That's why the healing crisis appeared. The duration of this condition varies for each person. There are those who experience adjustments quickly, some are longer.

Unlike other diet methods, ketofastosis requires commitment and intentions from people who will live it. That is, this diet must be done for life. The reason is, this diet totally changes one's eating habits. So if you go back and forth to do this diet, the consequences will damage your metabolism.
Which one is better?

Before you decide to do both diets, it's a good idea to consult a doctor first. Because, both the ketogenic diet and ketofastosis diet are more suitable for people who have a normal medical history and have good medical check-ups, especially blood sugar and cholesterol. Also, before you start this diet, dig up a lot of information and find out how this diet will change you. Also, prepare yourself if it really changes drastically.

Basically, there is no quick way to lose weight healthily. But ideally, applying a healthy lifestyle pattern by paying attention to balanced food intake and regular physical activity will help you gain a healthy weight.

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