10 Foods That Are Good For Swollen Stomach To Get Cure Fast

10 Foods That Are Good For Swollen Stomach To Get Cure Fast
InfoHealthyLife.Com - Often the most common gastrointestinal disorders we know are like stomach ulcers, GERD or increased stomach acid, and also dyspepsia right? Swollen stomach is actually a type of stomach disease that is similar to ulcer disease. When a person suffers from heartburn with complaints of gastric enlargement due to inflammation, this is the swollen stomach.

That said, swollen stomach is actually another term for the condition of the stomach that has been in the chronic stage. The causes of this swollen stomach condition can vary, such as stress, irregular sleep patterns, consumption of certain drugs, the presence of parasites / bacteria / viruses in the stomach, irregular eating patterns and also alcohol consumption.

Meanwhile, symptoms that indicate that you are suffering from swollen stomach disease include the following conditions:
  •     Heartburn hurts.
  •     Having trouble sleeping because of pain in the pit of the stomach is so disturbing.
  •     Dizzy
  •     A cold sweat
  •     Facial skin looks pale.
  •     Eating taste has decreased.
  •     The stomach feels full.
  •     Stomach feels sore.
  •     Burp often.
  •     Stomachache
  •     Vomiting frequently and feels rather sour.
  •     At risk of experiencing vomiting of blood.
Usually, to relieve symptoms of gastric disorders such as this swollen stomach, sufferers need to start changing their diet to be healthier and more appropriate. The following are some foods that are good for swollen stomach and support them to recover quickly.

1. Basil leaves

In addition to being a drug from bad breath conditions and delicious when made fresh vegetables, basil leaves you can use to restore the swollen stomach enough to consume 5 sheets or more. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in basil leaves are able to fight infections in the stomach caused by H.pylori bacteria as well as being a powerful reliever of inflammation.

2. Strawberries

This fresh red fruit can be a naturally swollen stomach healer if you eat it regularly because of its high antioxidant content, especially restoring swollen stomach due to excessive consumption of alcohol. This has been proven through studies conducted by European scientists, precisely in 2011.

3. Yogurt

This one probiotic source is undoubtedly how big its role is in maintaining gastric health. You can even overcome the condition of swollen stomach by consuming plain yogurt every day for about 3 cups. Symptoms will subside when you consume yogurt regularly.

4. Banana

If bananas are included in the list of the most effective stomach acid-lowering fruits, then of course bananas can also be relied upon when you are experiencing a swollen stomach. Except for Ambon banana, this fruit is high in potassium so that if consumed daily it will be able to increase body fluids and relieve stomach swelling.

5. Ginger

This one herb is not only effective as a natural cold medicine or simply warms the body because more than that, this herb is a food that can restore swollen stomach. Simply sprinkle your food with grated ginger just as much as a teaspoon and do it regularly until the symptoms of swollen stomach subside.

6. Pumpkin

Pumpkin which is processed by steaming, boiling or baking can you enjoy as a swollen stomach booster and relieve various complaints of unpleasant symptoms. The digestive process will return to normal and healthy because your body is getting high potassium and vitamin A from this pumpkin.

7. Carrots

Because of the high content of vitamin A and beta carotene, carrots are often consumed as a way of maintaining eye health and for sharper vision. In fact, the benefits are more than that because high antioxidants are also ready to be a swollen stomach recovery. To consume it, make the texture softer by making carrot juice.

8. Broccoli

Isn't broccoli classified as a high fiber food? Doesn't high fiber need to be avoided by people with digestive disorders in the stomach? The good news, broccoli offers calcium and potassium which actually nourishes your body during swollen stomach pain. Even sulfur is the content of broccoli which can protect the stomach lining.

9. Green beans

Other foods that are good for stomach swelling and help restore it are green beans. Just take the green bean extract so you don't have to bother chewing but you can still get carbohydrate intake when your appetite is down. The stomach's performance will return to normal and swollen stomach can subside due to it.

10. Potatoes

To make it easier to consume when the stomach is swollen, sore and nauseous, mash the potatoes after boiling them and consume them regularly until the swelling subsides. Besides being reliable in the recovery of swollen stomach, you can also consume it when stomach acid is rising and requires sufficient carbohydrate intake.

That's it, a series of good foods for swollen stomach to heal quickly that you can consider and consume regularly. As long as the stomach is swollen, make sure not to leave the stomach empty for a long time, which means fill your stomach as usual morning, afternoon and night where you can eat safe snacks. Meet the doctor immediately when dysphagia starts, the weight drops dramatically, vomiting blood, and also black stool when defecating.

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