10 Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

10 Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth
InfoHealthyLife.Com - You must have often heard that consuming too much sweet and sour food can be disastrous for your teeth. Unfortunately, many people underestimate this one problem to finally have a negative impact on their dental health.

Sugar, especially sucrose, will feed millions of bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria will cause plaque buildup in the teeth and also produce lactic acid which can erode the enamel in your teeth.

While acid, is usually found in several foods, including fruits. These acidic foods menggrogoti tooth enamel and damage your teeth directly. Brushing your teeth after eating sour foods will only make things worse. Therefore it is a good idea to wait at least one hour before brushing your teeth after eating sour foods.

Then, what foods can damage teeth? Watch out for the following foods if you want to keep healthy and strong teeth:

1. Candy
Everyone likes candy. This one sweet food is indeed very enjoyable enjoyed in a variety of events. Unfortunately, eating too much candy can damage your teeth. Continuous exposure to the sugar contained in sweets, especially sweets with a hard structure, can make teeth become brittle and hollow, even worse they can become broken or cracked. Alternatively, you can avoid sweets with a hard structure and replace them with sugarless gum.

2. Coffee
Coffee can be a choice of healthy drinks when served naturally. Unfortunately, there are still many people who find it hard to refuse to add sugar in each cup. Caffeine levels in coffee can leave stains on your teeth and of course this is not a good thing. In addition, coffee can also make your mouth dry. Therefore if you want to consume coffee, make sure to consume lots of water and try not to add a variety of excessive accessories (sugar, creamers, etc.) in your coffee.

3. Popcorn
Popcorn is one of the famous foods that often slip between teeth and gums. Well, the most common dental problem after consuming popcorn is swollen gums caused by popcorn stuck in the gums. Of course swollen gums will make you feel uncomfortable and can interfere with daily activities.

Therefore, be careful when chewing popcorn and try after eating this food you rinse the gums with oral cleansing liquid or clean up the remnants of popcorn that infiltrate between teeth using thread or dental floss.

4. Ice Cube
Who would have thought that ice made of water, which does not contain sugar and other additives, could also harm your teeth? What makes this ice cube dangerous is a habit for someone to suck and chew ice cubes. The structure of hard ice cubes can make the tooth enamel even worse to make your teeth break. For that, avoid the habit of chewing ice cubes if you don't want your teeth to get into trouble.

5. White bread
Be careful with white bread, especially white bread, because on average white bread contains sugar and sweeteners that can breed bacteria in the mouth. In addition, fresh bread is also prone to infiltration between teeth because when chewed they become sticky in the mouth. Therefore, don't forget to clean your teeth properly after consuming this one food.

6. Jam
Various types of jams such as peanut butter, chocolate, strawberries and others are included in the sticky food category and worse still contain a lot of sugar. The jams that stick around the mouth can produce plaques and bacteria if they are not immediately cleaned after being eaten.

7. Soda diet
Do not think because it does not contain sugar, the diet soda is safe for your teeth. Please note that the acidity contained in diet soda is still very high levels. Of course this can be a problem for your teeth.

8. Alcohol
Alcohol can cause dehydration and dry mouth. People who drink alcohol excessively feel their saliva decreases which can cause tooth decay and mouth infections such as gum disease. Those who are heavy alcoholics also have the potential to develop oral cancer.

9. Meat
Meat tends to get stuck between your teeth very often. Some meat products also contain sugar as a preservative. Be sure to clean your teeth after consuming meat.

10 Energy / sports drinks
Many people think that sports drinks or energy drinks are very good for health, even though in an energy drink they contain very high sugar levels and of course they can threaten your dental health.

Some types of food are completely unavoidable. For that, make sure you always clean your teeth and mouth after consuming the types of food mentioned above. Diligent in maintaining healthy teeth and mouth will make you free from problems of bad breath, tartar, tooth decay, and other dental / mouth disorders.

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